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The USA’s most (and least popular) home styles, according to Zillow views

Homes come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. And it’s the style part that inspired this latest study from the architectural experts at American Home Shield.

Using data on the number of daily views from the popular real estate website Zillow, they put together some lists of the most (and least popular) home styles across every U.S. state and major city.

Here’s a look at what came out on top.

The most desired home styles in America

Four walls are better than eight walls. Or at least according to American homebuyers. That’s because the Octagon architectural style is the most desired house style, according to the number of daily views on Zillow.

These eight-sided homes are viewed 56 times per day per listing; more than any other home style.

The Stick style is the second most popular type of home, with just over 50 views per day. An architectural trend that emerged in the United States during the mid-19th century, it’s recognized for its unique decorative features that emphasize the structural wooden framing of buildings.

Other sought-after styles on Zillow include the ranch style, the prairie build, and the classic New York Townhouse.

The least desired home styles in the USA

Who would want to live in a house that looks like a shipping container?

The answer is no one; well, almost no one. Homes listed in the shipping container style are viewed just twice a day on Zillow.

It’s no surprise. These functional homes might be affordable, durable, and suited, but they’re not very easy on the eye.

And there isn’t much love for the tidewater or tiny house styles. These rather outdated-looking homes are viewed less than 5 times per day by people browsing Zillow.

Most desired styles in every US state

Homeowners in Wyoming have a big soft spot for the Log Cabin style. It makes sense. The Log Cabin speaks of the early frontier days, capturing the independent spirit of the rugged individualism that still defines The Cowboy State.

Arkansas is the only state that loves the Mid-Century Modern Style, while Ranch Style homes get the most daily views in Kansas, Arizona, and Alaska.

The least popular home styles in every state

Nobody living in the state of Tennessee wants a prefabricated home – and we mean literally no one. It receives 0 daily views from home-buying Tennesseans.

And this unpopular style isn’t doing much better in the great state of Texas, where it’s viewed just 0.4 times on the daily.

In-demand house styles by US cities

Next up, the American Home Shield team looked at the results on a city-by-city basis.

The Neo-Mediterranean home style is the most popular architectural trend in New York (51 daily views). It blends architectural elements from Mediterranean countries and is characterized by stucco walls, red tile roofs, arched openings, and wrought iron details.

The Mid-Century Modern is the most sought-after home style for people looking for homes in Atlanta, while the Shingle style is seriously on trend in Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles.

The least popular home style in US cities

You won’t have much luck selling an A-Frame-style home to a New Yorker.

These distinctly shaped structures, which are more popular in rural areas as holiday homes, are viewed just once a day by homeowners searching for New York homes on Zillow.

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