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The Urban Lifestyle Showdown: Living in Calgary vs. Toronto

Nestled in opposite corners of the vast Canadian landscape are two dynamic cities, each boasting a unique charm and lifestyle. When contemplating living in Calgary vs. Toronto, one cannot help but consider the average housing cost in each city. As they compare the eastern metropolis’s urban sprawl with the western gateway to the Rockies, each offers a distinct flavor of Canadian city living. So, as we delve into this urban showdown, the question arises: which city reigns supreme regarding lifestyle and affordability?

Tips for Living in Calgary vs. Toronto

Calgary seamlessly marries the vibrancy of contemporary urban life with its deep-rooted Western heritage. Its skyline, dominated by towering skyscrapers, is a testament to its cosmopolitan allure. Yet, amidst the architectural feats, Calgary retains its heart with rodeo events, cowboy hats, and an undeniable passion for its Western spirit. It’s a city where modern sophistication intertwines effortlessly with traditional values, creating a uniquely Calgarian ambiance.

On the other hand, Toronto pulsates with an unending energy reflective of its diverse population. It is one of the world’s most multicultural cities and offers a melting pot of traditions, cuisines, languages, and arts. Every neighborhood tells a different story, from the bustling streets of Chinatown to the vibrant beats of Little Jamaica. For those making their home amidst this cultural mosaic, decorating ideas for your condo can draw inspiration from these diverse influences. This multifaceted appeal ensures that in Toronto, a new cultural layer is always waiting to be explored.

Here are some tips for living in Calgary vs. Toronto that will help you to choose between those two places.

Cost of Living

With its expansive landscapes, Calgary offers a more affordable living option than some of Canada’s other major cities. Housing, often a significant expense, tends to be more budget-friendly here. Additionally, no provincial sales tax in Alberta gives residents slight relief on purchases. However, while daily expenses like dining out might be more reasonable, one should account for potential spikes in utility costs, especially during chilly winters.

Toronto stands as one of Canada’s priciest cities. Its cosmopolitan allure comes with a hefty cost. Rent in the city’s core can drain a paycheck swiftly. Yet, many argue that the expense justifies the vibrant urban life, cultural events, and job opportunities. Living on a budget requires creativity, but for many, the buzz of Toronto living is worth every penny.

Job Market and Opportunities

Traditionally, Calgary’s economy thrived on oil and gas. Today, the city still benefits from this industry but is diversifying. Renewable energy, technology, and logistics are emerging sectors. The job landscape is changing, offering varied opportunities for professionals. However, the city’s economic health often correlates with global oil prices, leading to periods of boom and bust.

In contrast, Toronto boasts a robust and diverse economic foundation. From media giants to thriving finance sectors and burgeoning tech startups, the city pulses with job opportunities. Its position as a business hub ensures a steady stream of openings for young professionals and experienced experts alike. A recent study by Phillips Moving and Storage Toronto highlighted the advantages of Toronto for job seekers who want to relocate here, further cementing its reputation. And if you’re planning a move in search of better career prospects, partnering with reliable movers can make your transition to Toronto smooth and hassle-free.

Recreation and Nightlife

Beyond its urban delights, Calgary offers unrivaled access to nature. The Rocky Mountains, a short drive away, combine skiing, hiking, and camping adventures. Closer to home, the Bow River promises serene getaways. For those seeking active relaxation, the options are endless.

Toronto lights up as the sun sets. World-class theaters, trendy clubs, and diverse dining spots define its nightlife. Weekends see locals and tourists flocking to lakeside spots or exploring cultural events scattered city-wide. Every night is an opportunity for a new experience.

Cultural Scene

The Calgary Stampede isn’t just an event; it’s an institution. This rodeo, celebrating the city’s cowboy roots, draws international crowds. Moreover, festivals throughout the year pay homage to Calgary’s cultural tapestry, ensuring lively celebrations are always on the horizon.

Toronto’s cultural calendar is bustling. The city embraces its multicultural identity from the Caribbean Carnival to TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). No matter the month, a festival or event showcases the world’s cultures in Toronto’s heart.

Educational Institutions

The University of Calgary stands out for its research and diverse programs. Calgary’s institutions also focus on trades and applied education, catering to its economic needs and offering students varied career paths.

Home to the University of Toronto, among others, Toronto is undeniably Canada’s academic heart. With renowned programs and research opportunities, students from around the globe are drawn to its institutions. The breadth of academic choices here is unparalleled.


When considering a move from Toronto to Calgary, it’s essential to ensure a safe process and hire movers to assist with the transition. While Calgary’s public transit system is efficient, many residents opt for personal vehicles due to the city’s expansive layout. Yet, the city actively promotes public transport with ongoing initiatives to enhance commuting experiences. If you’re contemplating such a move, prioritizing safety and efficient transport will be key.

Toronto’s TTC, despite occasional grumbles, connects the vast city efficiently. Subways, buses, and streetcars crisscross neighborhoods. While traffic can be a headache, the public transit system ensures residents can navigate the city without personal vehicles.

Quality of Life

Calgary offers a harmonious blend of urban and community life. While the city thrives, community bonds remain strong. Safe neighborhoods, active community centers, and a slower pace ensure a balanced life.

Living in Toronto is an exhilarating experience. The pace is fast, and the city never sleeps. Yet, amidst the hustle, pockets of tranquility exist. As residents explore the city, they can’t help but notice the diverse house styles in Canada showcased throughout Toronto’s neighborhoods. Parks, waterfront areas, and community events ensure residents can find respite and connect with their neighbors while appreciating the architectural tapestry around them.


Ultimately, living in Calgary vs. Toronto hinges on individual desires and priorities. Both cities present distinct lifestyles, brimming with unique opportunities and experiences. Whether you’re drawn to Calgary’s western charm or Toronto’s pulsating urban energy, it’s about finding the place that resonates with your city style. Where will your heart lead you?

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