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The Trick to Designing a Home That’s Both Beautiful and Kid-Friendly

Having a magazine photo-worthy home at all times is something that is almost impossible to achieve. Especially when kids are living in the house. But having such an impeccable home is not the point if you and your kids don’t feel comfortable in it. The trick is in designing a practical and functional home that is also elegant and sophisticated, suited for everybody’s needs. Sure, it’s going to get messy sometimes but it is also going to be a place where we make precious memories. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about some easy ways to make your home more kid-friendly.

Practicality and functionality in every aspect is the key

When speaking about designing a kid-friendly and yet stylish home, we need to take a deep breath and reconsider some of the ideas we have. One thing is having some ideas about a dream house design and completely other thinking about the practicality and functionality of the design. So, if you have some design ideas that are impractical in the sense that they can be easily stained, torn, or broken – give up on them immediately. Not forever, of course, but for now, while you have kids in your home. As kids are messy, steer clear from anything that will require constant cleaning.

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Choose furniture carefully

Choosing the right furniture is essential as it is something that takes up a lot of space and a comfortable place to relax in but at the same time, its sharp edges can be a potential danger for running children. And let’s face it – children are going to run around your home. So, to avoid these unfortunate events, make sure you choose round furniture. You can find a lot of attractive and modern furniture pieces that don’t have sharp edges. This includes all kinds of sofas, armchairs and ottomans, suitable for a living room. There are so many ideas to make your living room more aesthetically pleasing and kid-friendly at the same time.

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Consider kid-friendly and yet elegant flooring

Flooring is another important factor in designing a contemporary home and with kids in it, it should be carefully considered. As we all know, kids are messy and tend to spill all kinds of things as well as smear them all around the house. Unfortunately, nobody has invented a magic kid-proof carpet yet, so we need to work with kid-friendly carpet options that do exist. Some carper options are better the other as they are durable, more affordable and can stand wear and tear in such a high traffic area such as the kids’ room, for example. When considering carpet installation in your kids’ room, think about materials such as nylon and polyester – having all the characteristics aforementioned makes them a perfect option for the playroom. Plus, you can find them in many colours, patterns and themes.

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Opt for hard-wearing materials, patterns and textures

Hard-wearing materials are a good option as they are going to be there, intact for quite a long time. So, it’s definitely an investment that’s worthwhile. However, have in mind that choosing these long-standing materials is also much pricier. If you don’t have the funds for them, search for some plausible alternatives. What you need to focus on are materials that are stain-resistant, wear-and-tear-resistant, scratch-resistant and materials that are easily cleaned.

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Get plenty of storage options

There is never enough storage when you have kids. Try to incorporate all kinds of open and closed storage options in every room of the house. It will be a good way for putting away the toys and other kids’ stuff and making your home clutter-free. There are so many interesting and modern options, which you can easily find online. Having plenty of storage is beneficial for so many reasons, some of them being lesser chances of stepping onto a toy and teaching your children responsibility.

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Define different zones

In order to maintain a somewhat tidy and clean home with kids being the residents, you need to define certain zones. There can be zones such as adult-only, kids zone and shared zones. For example, a master bedroom is an adult-only zone, which should be designed in such a way and free of toys. On the other hand, kids zone should be entirely focused on them and designed following an appropriate theme. Shared zones are usually a bathroom and a kitchen. You should establish some rules concerning the zones and make the children follow them.

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Decorate the walls with all kinds of artwork

By decorating the walls of your home with a different type of artwork, you make it more personal and add a touch of creativity and elegance. It can be a reflection of who you are. Besides putting up some artwork made by professional painters, you can also display your kids’ artwork. It will show them how proud you are of them, and make them feel more motivated. Plus, you and your kids can play with all kinds of art techniques and materials, which can have some amazing artwork as a result.

Photo by Judy Wiegert, Accredited Home Stager & Redesigner

Designing a kid-friendly, chic, smart and cozy home is a fun and creative process. You can find so many great ideas online, which can serve as an inspiration for your own dream home.

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