The Most Popular Wedding Themes

Picking your wedding theme is going to be one of the important decisions to make at the beginning of your planning process. While you do not necessarily need to pick a theme, having one will not only make decision making easier, but will also put the whole event together, making the aesthetics more cohesive. If you are still not sure what you want your big day to look like, here are some of the most popular wedding themes to give you some inspiration.

Soft and romantic

One of the most frequent themes couples go for is a classic, romantic vibe. It’s a timeless aesthetic, it goes with any season – it can look particularly stunning during wintertime, and it’s perfect for more formal weddings. If you are planning to hold your reception in a ballroom, the soft colors, elegant décor, floral details, and subtle metallic accents are going to create a beautiful romantic wedding. Pay special attention to the lighting: ambient lighting can truly make the atmosphere on such weddings magical – hanging lights or an elegant chandelier is the way to go.

Fresh and natural

If you are a nature lover and have always dreamt about an outdoor wedding, consider going for a natural theme for your big day. Garden weddings can be absolutely stunning during the warmer part of the year. You don’t have to think much about the venue décor as the greenery will already set the tone. Use it for the table décor as well to create a truly natural vibe. Make sure you incorporate florals not only to your hairdo but even your cake and the groom’s attire! Elegant calligraphy and a minimalistic color palette will create an elegant look, but you can also make your garden wedding as colorful as you want and bring in a whimsical vibe, too.

Boho vibes

Bohemian-style weddings have been getting more and more popular recently. If you are a fan of bright colors and lush botanicals, this might be the theme for you. Boho weddings are casual and playful, but they still have their own charm. Pick an airy, long-sleeve wedding dress, give your hair some effortless beach waves, and embellish yourself with a cute flower crown. At a boho wedding, everyone can feel comfortable. Incorporate cozy and casual seatings where your guests can lounge and relax. There’s no need to dress your bridesmaids in the same, boring dress either! One thing that’s a must is macramé décor – you can use it as a backdrop for your photos with the wedding party.

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Art deco-inspired

The ‘20s are back, and some of us are excited to bring back the glitz and glam of the jazz age. If you are a fan of those Great Gatsby aesthetics, there’s nothing holding you back from making your big day shine like a party from the 1920s. Pick a historic venue to transport everyone back in time. Geometric shapes and lots of metallic shades are some of the things you should incorporate in your stationery and décor. Needless to say, your playlist should feature jazz music to get everyone on the dance floor – if you can get a live band, it’s even better! Pick a sparkly art deco-inspired wedding dress and don’t forget a glamorous hairpiece for the full effect!

Vintage glam

If the ‘20s are not your cup of tea but you still love all things to be antique, you can opt for a vintage wedding theme instead. This is a hugely popular trend since the wedding photos it yields are simply stunning. Try to get a historic courthouse as your venue and you’ll already feel like you’re in a different time period. Stick to vintage pieces when decorating: antique chairs, lace table runners, earthy tones, and natural textures are all welcome. You can also incorporate props in the décor such as typewriters, vintage clocks and picture frames, books, mirrors, and old radios. They are going to help set the mood for your photos. Finally, consider making the theme even more authentic by opting for a wedding car hire and arriving at the venue in a vintage car!

Rustic weddings

Finally, if you have always loved that traditional farmhouse aesthetic, you can opt for a rustic theme and take your wedding party to the countryside (even if only metaphorically). A farmhouse wedding can be elegant and charming. Romantic string lights will turn the venue dreamy and the natural tones surrounding your reception will create a warm atmosphere. You can create a farmhouse-inspired menu and put fresh produce on the table to go with the theme. In addition, rustic décor is very suitable for DIY enthusiasts, so if you’ve always liked making things, you can try and make your own décor using twine, burlap, pallets, mason jars, twigs and many other things. Finally, use a lot of greenery to complement the wooden tones and your reception will look beautiful.

These are some of the most popular wedding themes today, but don’t feel like you have to follow the rules. You can put your own twist on any theme or combine them to your liking to come up with something truly unique. After all, that is what’s going to make your wedding reception authentic and memorable.

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