The Male’s Guide to Packing for a Business Trip

Are you in a line of business that requires you to travel a lot? The crazy thing with packing for business is that you can’t throw a tee shirt and some shorts in the bag and hop on the plane. You actually have to put thought into what you wear and many times this involves bulky suits, coats, and other business casual attire you’ll need while you’re away. If you’re looking for a way to pack light while still encompassing everything you need, this guide is certainly going to come in handy for you.

You Need the Right Bag

The idea is to be able to pack all of your things into a bag that is small enough to be considered a carry on. As you’re looking for the proper luggage, you want to keep things like the bag type and dimensions in mind. The trick here is to find a bag that will meet the airline limits. Since not all airlines are created equally, the rules and regulations may vary. On average, the best sized bag to consider is one with dimensions 22”x13”x9”. When it comes to determining the style of bag, rolling suitcases are always idea as it can fit your suit jackets in it without having to fold them up.

Packing the Right Things

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bag for your carry on you’re ready to begin packing things up. You want to make sure that you dress according to the weather where you’re traveling to, however, you also want to keep the terms “business” and “professional” in mind as you’re a representation of your company. Check out a list of suggestions on things to pack:

  • Blazers – Blazers can take an outfit from casual to corporate in an instant. They are pretty versatile and, depending on the colors and patterns, can be easily paired with slacks, button ups, and polo shirts, much like those presented on the Johnnie-O site. You can easily go from the boardroom meeting to a social gathering without having to head back to the hotel for a change. Try packing two or three different blazers that can coordinate well with anything.

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  • Coats – You never know when the weather might do the old switch-a-roo on you so it is probably a good idea to bring along at least one or two coats/jackets. A nice weather proof jacket like a trench coat as well as a heavier coat in the event of colder weather should be packed. You can easily fold and roll these jackets up to minimize the wrinkles while also preserving room in your suitcase.

  • Pants – Of course you’re going to need a few pairs of slacks. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to pack 5-10 pairs of pants for every day that you’ll be gone. Instead, pack a few neutral colored or patterned pants that you can switch up with your shirts and blazers. This way, you can save some room in your suitcase. Pack at least two pairs of black pants and maybe a gray or tan pair. Also, bringing along a pair of kakis or crisp denim pants might be ideal if you intend to have a little fun in between meetings.

  • Shirts – Here is what you’re going to pack more of in your suitcase. However, shirts are really easy to pack and can be folded small enough to fit in the suitcase. You’ll want to pack a few suit shirts and maybe one or two polo shirts to go with your casual attire.

  • Toiletries – unless you’re particularly picky about the products you use, most hotels have you covered when it comes to toiletries. You may need to pack a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and some deodorant, but other than that you should be fine. If you’re going to take other things along for the trip, travel size will help you get more into your carry-on.

Packing for a business trip doesn’t have to mean taking your entire bedroom on a plane with you. By using these tips above you are sure to have a better time mastering the art of packing light. If you plan on traveling for a longer period of time of course you’ll have to adjust the suggestions a bit. However, when you keep in mind that you can purchase things once you arrive at your destination, the need to over pack seems less of a necessity.

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