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The Ideal Bathroom

Quick question: Which room in your house gets the most use? You may think first of the kitchen, but in terms of unique visits per day the bathroom is the clear winner. And, increasingly, we are looking to our bathrooms to be havens of luxury after returning home from long day’s work. From steam showers to heated floors to an array of tiles and fixtures, the average homeowner has more options today than ever to create a relaxing retreat at home. And with bathroom improvements being one of the best investments in your home, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrades.

So what defines luxury in our most personal of spaces? Everyone has his or her own idea of how they want to relax and rejuvenate, but a look at the trends shows a few ideas stand out:

Large, frameless showers

Forget about those tiny fiberglass shower stalls – today’s showers are large, walk-in spaces with multiple shower heads (no adjusting after a tall spouse!) and built to accommodate the open feeling of wide glass doors or no doors at all.


Deep, freestanding tubs/personal entertainment systems

People are increasingly opting for the peacefulness of a good, old-fashioned soak in the tub. Tubs from modern to vintage claw-foot are seeing a resurgence, which is fueling a growing trend towards remote-controlled stereos, flat-screen TVs, and windows in the bathroom.

Heated floors

Radiant heating systems installed in the floor are a comfort item but also make good sense, as toasty feet mean less heating required from other sources. And they’re cheaper than you think, costing in the hundreds – not the thousands – of dollars for a bathroom.


Luxury tiles

The glazed tiles of yesteryear are making way for warmer options like porcelain, stone or glass. These harder tiles offer variety and have the benefit of absorbing less water in a closed bathroom. One caveat, though: remember your relator’s warning that things that are glued down should be in neutral colors if you think you may be selling in the near future – you can add color in your paint and towels.

Furniture elements/lighting

If you have the space, consider adding a chair or other furniture element to up the cozy factor of your room. If you’re working with limited square footage, add framed mirrors or glamorous, unexpected light fixtures.


Steam showers

While one of the pricier additions, nothing says “spa” like the deep relaxation of a steam room, and it’s good for you too! You can even find models that you can switch on in the garage upon arriving home so it can warm up while you check your mail.

Smart storage

Smart storage options preserve serenity by putting clutter out of mind. Vertical towers that provide toiletry-sized drawers from sink level to ceiling are a popular choice to make use of limited space.


Green options

Eco-friendly improvements are on the rise as consumers are more savvy about impact on the environment and their wallets. Timers on lights, heaters and steam rooms save energy, as do low-flow fixtures and toilets.  Many of these projects you can do yourself to offset the cost, the homeclick community has a ton of DIY videos you use as reference.

Statement fixtures and basins

As bathrooms move towards transitional styles, with a mixture of traditional and modern elements, the sky’s the limit in how you choose to add zing with elements from glass basins to Asian-styled and trendy brass fixtures.

Luxury linens and mats

Top off your experience with luxuriant Egyptian cotton towels, thick mats, and candles.


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