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The Home Features Guaranteed to Fast-Track a Sale, According to a Leading Real-Estate Expert

It takes around 60 days to sell a house.

But if you need to fast-track a sale, you’ll love this latest piece of research from the experts at Using data collected and analysed from the home listing website Zillow, they put together a complete guide highlighting which home features can help sell a house quicker.

Let’s take a look.

The one feature that will make your house sell quicker

Looking for a quick house sale? Then you need to install some soft vanity lighting in your bathroom. This simple bathroom feature is the most in-demand furnishing for house buyers, according to data analysed from Zillow. It can sell your home just 44 days after the first listing. That’s fast!

And never underestimate the effect of lining your front and back yard with artificial grass. This super convenient and low-maintenance garden feature is something many house buyers are looking for. On average, a home listed with fake grass as a feature sells in under 50 days.

The number one kitchen feature for a quick house sale

A butcher block kitchen table-top blends utility, style, and durability. That’s why it’s the most in-demand kitchen feature for people looking to buy a new home. According to the study, having a butcher block in the kitchen means there’s a good chance of selling your home in less than 50 days.

Which living room feature sells a house quicker?

The living room is the heart and soul of a home. And furnishings that create a warm, snuggly, and intimate feeling are what convert home browsers into home buyers.

For example, cosy features like a fireplace and wood burner can sell a home in around 55 days. Chandelier lighting is another feature on many house browsers’ checklists. It sells a house in just 48 days.

Best Bathroom Features for a Quick House Sale

Luxury bathroom features like steam showers, sunken tubs, and jacuzzis come at a luxurious price—in other words, they’re not cheap. But they can turn into a great investment if you want to make a quick sale.

And knowing there’s always a toasty towel waiting for you when you get out of the shower is a major selling point. The Zillow data shows that homes with a heated towel rack in the bathroom sell in as little as 50.5 days.

Best Selling Yard Features

A shed in the back garden is a sure-fire way to a fast sale. In fact, it will probably help you sell by day 49 of the listing.

People’s love of pets means a ready-made dog house is another garden feature buyers are searching for. A little garden home for a dog can mean a sale by day 50.

Sustainable Features That Sell a Home

Many house buyers are looking for features that support a sustainable lifestyle. So having these green fixture built into your home is an excellent way to raise your property value and push through a sale.

The sustainable features most likely to sell your home fast include an EV charger for an electric car, smart lighting, and solar panels.

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