The Best Windows to Supplement Your Back Patio or Porch

With the right planning, you can adapt any window style to fit your backyard. There are hundreds of designs to choose from that are suitable for an outdoor space. The following are a few ideas that can enhance the look and atmosphere of your patio or porch.

Single- and Double-Hung Sash Windows

A single-hung sash window has one movable sash while the other is fixed. A double-hung has two movable parts. The windows can be pulled inward, pushed outward, slid up and down or slid to the side. The sliding motion is common, but some people find it easier to pull the window up.


Glazed Windows

Insulate your windows with double glazing. Receive a layer of thermal insulation between two glass windowpanes. For a back patio, the average glass ranges in thickness from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

Outside, double glazed windows prevent heavy rain and winds from damaging the house. In the summer, this technique prevents excessive heat and air from entering or exiting the house. On any day or night, the glass keeps out bugs that hang around the patio lights.

Photo by K&D Landscape Management

Casement Window

There is the casement window design for people who want to get outside faster. The free hinge allows you to swing the window out like a door. This window style is common in the UK and Europe. Many homeowners live partly outdoors, so this style improves the ease of access into their yards. It’s a good style to have for letting in the maximum amount of clean, fresh air.

Photo by Wimmel Design & Construction

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Pivot Window

The pivot window is another unique design like the awning window. It works similarly to a revolving door that continues rotating when pushed. The glass pane rotates in a 360-degree angle due to hinges on the sides. The pivot design is suitable for some homes but not all. It’s recommended for homeowners who frequently open their windows and place items outside.

Photo by BARRETT STUDIO architects

Louvered Window

A louvered window is designed with shutters that open and close when pulling a cord. On dimly lit days, let in as much light as you can. Use shutters that are more effective than curtains at withstanding strong winds and rains. On very sunny days, use shutters to reduce glare from sunlight and keep out the heat.

Photo by Abbey Construction Company, Inc.

Bay Window

A bay window protrudes from the wall facing the patio. Like the balcony, the window itself stands out on its own, creating a unique look that is seen from far away. On the inside, some designs have seats that look out into the backyard.

Photo by Southview Design

The doors and windows of your patio are the introductions to your backyard. You cannot decorate the interior of the home and then neglect the windows. Choose the best types and sizes for the windows near your back patio or porch.

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