The Best Personalized Gift Ideas For The Kids In Your Life

Getting presents for kids is easy, but giving them a gift that they will actually love for years to come can be a little more difficult. You can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. Seeing the smile on their faces when they open a present that’s been designed specifically for them makes things totally worth it. Plus, it gives them a sense of belonging – can you say self-esteem builder! Ditch the boring t-shirts, socks, and video games and use a favorite photo to create a special gift that’s designed just for them.

Keep reading to see what we picked as the best personalized gift ideas for the kids in your life, and start reaping the benefits of being a conscientious gifter!

Personalized Photo Blanket

Nothing beats a warm, fuzzy blanket – except maybe a blanket with your child’s favorite photo on the surface. Your kids will love receiving a cozy photo blanket printed with a special family picture, baby photo collage, or an image of their favorite pet. Or how about something a little extra for the child who likes to wear their emotions on their sleeve, like a custom hooded blanket?

Whatever design you choose, this is one gift that feels just as warm and fuzzy to give as it does to receive.

Custom Made Music Box

Music boxes have been around for centuries – but what’s old is certainly new again! Elevate this traditional gift with custom box designs and other personalization options for a custom music box that’s as unique as your kiddo. To get started, choose your box style and upload your favorite song. You can even make a special recording that your kids will love – think of their favorite lullabies or a rendering of their favorite song. It’s a practical gift, too – they’re a great way to store jewelry and other keepsakes.

Skip the usual video games and offer your child something more meaningful with a music box designed just for them.

Custom Sequin Photo T-shirt

Children with big personalities are always looking for ways to create a talking point. Take the fashion-conscious child for instance. It’s important for kids to be able to express themselves freely. Since they won’t be fully autonomous beings until they reach eighteen, clothing becomes the most significant outlet for many of them. A personalized sequin shirt ticks all the boxes.

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They’ll love playing with the sequin pattern of this magical, one-of-a-kind personalized gift. Your secret image will be revealed whenever your kids run their hand over sequins on this custom sequin photo t-shirt, personalized just for them with their favorite photo. Choose from a variety of sizes and sequin options. This is a great spot for a beloved family photo or perhaps to honor a best friend. You could even print out a photo of their favorite team or fictional character, so long as you have the image rights.

Personalized Airpods Case

Does your child already have a cell phone, a laptop, a gaming console, the list goes on? This gift will be a favorite for the little techie in your life. It will allow them to express their personality, even if in a small way. Upload their favorite photo and personalize the new case with their favorite colors and text. Consider putting their name, initials, or special nickname on their new case – they’ll love to show it off to all their friends! Did we mention how practical it is? The metal carabiner on the side attaches to belt loops and inside backpacks and purses so that they never – well, almost never – lose them!

Custom Name Bracelet

Your child will love a piece of custom name jewelry designed just for them. Whether it’s their first keepsake piece or they already have tons of fun options in their jewelry box, a bracelet made just for them will wow them during the holidays or at any birthday party. Choose from a variety of styles, including a classic nameplate bracelet, or choose a more trending option with a popular Old English style bangle. This is one personalized gift that will truly be one of a kind!

Let your child show off their unique style with a custom piece of jewelry adorned with their name, initials, or monogram.

Custom Puzzle for Play

If your little one loves puzzles or crafting, consider gifting them a personalized puzzle made with their favorite photo! They’ll love piecing together their new gift and revealing the photo you’ve printed out. Consider printing a picture of the family pet or uploading a special family moment to get started. Once they’re finished, you can lacquer the puzzle and hang it up for easy display, allowing their new gift to double as wall art, too.

Whatever personalized gift you choose, remember that it’s the thought that matters most. Send a surprise to your little one with a custom photo gift made just for them!

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