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The Best Fabrics for Summer

After the chilly winter months, you’d be forgiven for wanting a bit of sunshine and vitamin D in your life! From splashing around in outdoor pools, to impromptu BBQs with the neighbors, there are so many things to look forward to when it comes to summer. One thing we can all agree that isn’t so great is being all hot and bothered. You want to be able to spend lazy summer days being fresh and comfortable, not being paranoid about sweat marks forming on various parts of your outfit. We’ve already covered
ways to cool down in summer
and now we’ll focus on which fabrics can help you stay feeling fresh and as cool as a cucumber!


Probably the first material that springs to mind and for good reason! Cotton is a natural fiber and allow air to circulate and move through the fabric, which means that if you do have any damp patches, they won’t stay moist for long. Cotton is also able to absorb moisture, which helps you cool down quickly. Clothing manufactures have cottoned on to cotton’s cooling properties, which is why you’ll find so many flowing dresses and summer shirts made out of this material.


Just like cotton, silk is also perfect for warm summers. It’s soft and cool to the touch, and although it might not be the most breathable fabric, it is lightweight and tends to adjust to your body temperature, so it helps you cool down on a hot day. Many people shy away from purchasing silk garments because they believe they can only be dry cleaned but this is actually a myth. It’s true that silk is a sensitive material, but it can be washed at home. Just make sure to check the garment’s care label and you can’t go wrong.


A popular choice thanks to the material being light and loosely woven, enabling heat to escape from the body and giving you the chance to cool down. It also absorbs a lot of moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool and dry. One downside to linen is that it wrinkles easily, but luckily there are lots of tips you can follow to ensure your linen garment stays crease-free.


Rayon was originally invented as a cheaper alternative to silk, and consists of many different materials – cotton, wood pump, and often natural or synthetic fibers. It’s made up of very thin fibers, which enable the fabric to breathe better compared to other fabrics. This gives the garment a lightness and means it won’t be drawn straight to your body at the first sign of a drop of sweat. Sportswear is often made of rayon because of this exact reason. However, it fairs best in dry heat since it’s not a natural fiber and therefore won’t wick away moisture as well as other fabrics such as cotton.

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