The 9 Biggest Problems In Offices Today and How To Fix Them!

The workplace has undergone various tremendous changes recently. A great development in the number of remote employees and the emergence of new models of companies striving for a culture of community and openness are playing a role in this. Thus, office renovation is playing a big role in this. Having a remodel working space featured with modern technologies won’t only provide the opportunities to increase efficiency but also reduce operating costs.

Both the layout of the office and the technology and furniture used in it can affect the work, making the interaction easier with clients and colleagues. During the working day, employees spend most of their time on meetings, discussing projects or at the desk. Therefore, while planning an office space, it’s essential to consider every factor, leaving some of the space for concentration and focus.

Old-styled office space can badly hit the overall business productivity and create multiple problems. So, what are those!

Let’s find out!

Benefits of Renovating Offices

Some companies often struggle with hiring the right employees. And this happens due to poor office space. Comfort in the office is necessary for influencing job seekers. Most of the employees pay attention to the appearance of the office while looking for a company.

Modern office space is an integral part of human-centred design offices. However, modern office spaces reduce the time employees need to adjust to the workplace and create optimal conditions for completing work tasks, increasing employee productivity and company efficiency. Modern office spaces take into account the factor of physical comfort. Parameters such as temperature, lighting, indoor air quality, noise levels all affect our productivity.

Innovative offices designed for comfortable and efficient work reflect the modern approach of the company and become an additional competitive advantage in the fight for highly qualified job seekers.

Some Biggest Problems in Offices

Dense Seating

About 27% of employees are unhappy with the tight seating. They feel uncomfortable due to the lack of space in both the desk and chair. Each employer faces a dilemma of which office to build – comfortable or inexpensive. The balance is quite achievable with proper zoning of open workspaces. Relaxation rooms, games rooms and cosy meeting rooms can improve the atmosphere in the office.

Distractions and Noise

24% of survey participants complained that office noise distracted them from their work. Among its reasons are a large number of workplaces in one room, telephone conversations of colleagues and regular visits from guests that distract from work. Several effective factors can help you in dealing with noise problems. Applying a partition between workplaces or an acoustic suspended ceiling prevents sound from reflecting and shielding, spreading throughout the open space. With the help of office renovation contractors, they’ll create a good layout and navigation, which minimizes the flow of visitors in the work areas.

Lack of Meeting Rooms

An insufficient number of meeting rooms affects productivity. It won’t make it difficult to schedule appointments but also create an inappropriate moment for organizing meetings at their workplace, interfering with others. Contractors provide mobile partitioning that divides or combines the space in a short possible time.

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Poor Lightening

Every fifth questionnaire mentioned the problem of poor lighting. As a rule, employees noted the insufficient power of the lamps. Individual survey participants complained about the lack of natural light in their workplace. To solve this problem, it’s worth redeveloping so that the work areas are located in the most illuminated places.

Lack of Building Security

Another issue of common spaces is security. From ensuring access control to specific areas of the office to securing files on shared servers and building entrances, careful planning is required to ensure the proper level of security. The use of smartphones simultaneously with a face recognition system is gaining popularity. This solution provides continuous access control to any of the office areas. These technologies are able to provide free access to certain areas of the offices.

Uncomfortable and Fragile Furniture

13% of employees get in the way of an uncomfortable chair or table. Most people noted poor ergonomics, small size and low-quality furniture. At the same time, companies often forget that the modern office furniture market is huge and in order to find the most comfortable chairs, you can even arrange a test drive, in which employees will choose the option that suits them.

No Cafeteria

The absence of a drinking coffee area at work or warming up a lunch brought from home can affect productivity. According to employees, the lack of a coffee point or kitchen forces them to buy expensive and often tasteless business lunches. Hence, take contractor professional help and create a relaxed atmosphere for contacts between employees. It’ll positively affect the mood of the team. Therefore, it’s recommended to organize a dining area in every open space for employees.

Lack of Toilets

The problem of constantly occupied toilet stalls was highlighted by about 5% of the respondents. Moreover, it is most typical for women’s groups. The number of toilets and urinals is calculated based on the number of staff members. In this scenario, office renovation plays a big role. Taking assistance from contractors can transform your space into something more appealing and attractive. Ignoring these norms can lead to awkward situations.

Unavailability of Storage Facilities

The lack of a storage facility in the office is a problem for 3% of the respondents. Survey participants complained about keeping outerwear in the most unexpected places: desks, filing cabinets, bedside tables, etc. In many ways, this problem is seasonal in nature. It’s recommended allocating a separate small room for storing outerwear, which in summer can be used as changing rooms for employees who come to work by bike.


Modern spaces have their advantages, some of which are incredibly important for business in terms of enhancing productivity. So, when it comes to improving the workspace, it’s highly recommended to hire reputable office renovation contractors that will suggest and remodel your old-styled workspace into something alluring.

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