The 5 Most Common Hot Water Heater Issues Households Experience

If you’ve ever ran out of hot water during the middle of a shower, you know how uncomfortable it can be. One minute you’re enjoying warm water, the next you’re freezing cold.

Inconveniences like this can suddenly happen for several reasons. If your hot water heater isn’t properly maintained, you could lose hot water at any time.

We’ve compiled a list of things to look for when it comes to your hot water heater functioning properly. We hope this will save you from a cold shower at some point in the future.


If you’ve recently added to the number of people residing in your home, the capacity of your water heater could be the issue. A water heater that previously accommodated a small number of people may not be large enough to keep up with the growth of your home.

A replacement water heater may not be the only option you have available. There are hot water boosters that can be installed on these heaters that can maximise the amount of hot water they dispense.

Sediment Build-Up

Sediment begins to build-up in any system that has old water around. This could lead to issues like your hot water heater not powering on properly.

The sediment also minimises the available space you have in your tank. Sediment build-up takes up room, leaving less available area for water to heat.

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Not Turning On?

Problems with your water heater’s installation can lead to several issues, including the unit not turning on. There could also be other issues involved if your water heater is an older model.

Gas-powered water heaters use pilot lights to maintain a flame that heats the water. If your water heater isn’t powering on, your pilot light could be out.

Broken Dip-Tube

The cold-water supply dip-tube has a sensor that notices when water at the bottom of the heater gets cold. If the dip-tube is broken, the heater may fail to engage.


The problem with the water heater could be something simple. A leak will cause hot water to exit the unit, leading to a loss of hot water.

If you have a hot water problem, it’s crucial that you have it serviced quickly. Contract the services of a local plumber to handle all your hot water heater issues.

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