T5 Led Grow Lights Are Ideal For An Indoor Herb Garden

Successful indoor gardens are built by replicating outdoor soil and light conditions inside the house. The soil part is quite easy once you determine the type of soil, ideal pH, water requirement and compost needs. However, providing sufficient light presents a few challenges. Herbs need a lot of sunlight to grow into sturdy healthy and delicious plants we want to be included in our cuisine. Without sufficient light, they will slowly die, wilt or survive as weak malnourished ingredients. The traditional practices involved growing herbs and vegetables in window sills or under the kitchen sink exposed to fluorescent bulbs and orchid lights. Thanks to modern advancements, we now have grow lights designed to provide essential light spectrum needed for plant life.

Indoor grow lights have significantly evolved in the last few years. We have witnessed the rise and slow fall of standard T12 fluorescent lights that were then replaced by T5 fluorescent grow lights. HIDs (high intensity discharge lights) have also been heavily recommended for those seeking to start an indoor herb and/or food garden. Today, the best light solution for anyone seeking to start an indoor garden is LEDs (light emitting diodes). T5 LED in particular is highly recommended for both herb and vegetable gardens. It is advisable to review the best T5 LEDs before making a purchase. Although LED options are significantly better than other choices, not all offers are desirable. It is important to carefully review your options and find out the differences across various choices.

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Why choose T5 LED grow lights?

The benefits of LED lights are quite obvious and straightforward. Since their inception, light emitting diodes have practically replaced earlier lighting options in all areas including grow lights. When comparing grow lights, the most important aspect to review is amount of light produced. In this regard, both T5 fluorescent and T5 LED are perfect options for growing an indoor herb garden. However, T5 LED has addition merits that include;

a)  Saves more energy

LED tubes about half the power consumed by fluorescent and incandescent lights. This saves more energy and cuts the grow light energy bill by half saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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b)  Very durable

With LED lights, you can forget the need to frequently change bulbs. LEDs simply last twice as long as other options and will rarely blow off even during dynamic power fluctuations.

c)  Emits less heat

You need several LEDs stacked together in the same room to produce the same amount of heat emitted by fluorescent tubes and bulbs. For a grow light, heat emission is probably not going to be an issue unless you have many LEDs in a poorly ventilated room.

d)  Produces blue spectrum

Some specific LED grow lights are designed to produce more of the blue spectrum. Research studies have shown that blue spectrum (which is abundant in natural sunlight) can benefit both herbs and vegetables grown indoors.

T5 LEDs are the most ideal grow lights for an indoor garden. Whether you want to grow herbs, veggies or fruits, these lights options provide sufficient light for healthy nutritious plants. Simply make sure they are on longer to provide as much light as possible. Herbs require an abundance of sunlight so you will need at least 12 hours of grow light. Choose high quality T5 lights from reputable brands and compare several options before making your decision. LEDs tend to be slightly expensive so it is only fair that you get the best model for your budget.

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