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Sydney Travel Guide for Those Who Love Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to Sydney and a healthy lifestyle, you will have a lot of opportunities here even when traveling and just passing by. As the hub of different cultures and traditions, this Australian is full of options which will satisfy even the most demanding travelers. From luxurious spa resorts to lush nature in the middle of the urban chaos, this is the place you will easily grow to love.

This Sydney travel guide for those who love a healthy lifestyle will only scratch the possibilities you will discover, but will be enough to encourage you to further explore this city on your own.

Swim in the wonderful pools of Bondi Beach

Sun and the Pacific Ocean are on everybody’s list for a good reason. Besides watersports and sunbathing, this is also one of the most popular Sydney suburbs because of the Icebergs Pool. Part of the Icebergs Club, these pools stand on top of the ocean just enough so that the crashing waves splash the swimmers and fill them with salt water.

Have a brisk walk through the Royal Botanic Garden

With over 5,000 plant species, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is one of the main attractions and an ideal for a brisk walk in nature. The garden is opened every day free of charge and as you can’t even hear the traffic once inside even though the garden is in the city centre. This is also one of the oldest scientific institutions in Australia dedicated to the conservation of the native plants.

Maksym Kozlenko [CC BY-SA 4.0]

During guided tours, you will learn more about the Aboriginal culture, see exhibitions at the Calyx and observe the plants in bloom for the season. If you are into gardening yourself, you can get some expert advice from horticulturists and learn how to design a perfect garden.

Experience magnificent Australian nature at the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains National Park is very close to Sydney and is a perfect day-trip excursion from the urban chaos. The area is full of hiking trails like Grand Canyon Walk which are perfect for all types of hikers and range from easy to hard, although they are on the shorter side. When here, stop by the Wentworth Falls and enjoy the beautiful 614-feet high waterfall where you can picnic or simply rest to admire the view.

The Echo Point is the most popular destination in the Blue Mountains since it gives visitors an opportunity to see the famous rock formation called the Three Sisters. It will take some climbing to get to the Echo Point but the trip is well worth it and will also give you the look of the majestic national park.

See the Australian native flora at Kareela

If you are a fan of golf, or never had an opportunity to try it, head over to Kareela and its club where you can relax and enjoy this sport. Golf is great to relax, get some moderate physical fitness and clear your mind when taking a break from sightseeing. It is also a perfect activity for families or when you travel with friends and want to stay active even during your non-touristy days.

Afterward, stop by Miranda event centre for lunch and then continue for a brisk walk through the Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve. This is a rare spot in Sydney which is dedicated completely to Australian native flora and you can enter free of charge. From lily garden to the rainforest, this is a perfect way to end your afternoon and keep your healthy lifestyle even during your less active day.

Surfing on the Manly Beach

Manly Beach offers a variety of activities to its visitors that will hardly leave you any time to sunbathe and swim. If you have to choose, then definitely go for surfing even if you don’t have any previous experience with this popular Australian sport. There are a lot of surfing schools in the area ideal for first-timers and some will even rent you the equipment.

When you had enough of surfing, take a stroll down the Manly Scenic Walkway to the Grotto Point Lighthouse. From here, you can observe cormorants and white-breasted sea eagles flying around, but also humpback whales during their annual migration. When here, make sure to see boomerangs and art engravings by the local Aboriginal people who are thousands of years old and depict whales and kangaroos.

Meditate in Wendy’s Secret Garden

Wendy’s secret garden is Sydney’s hidden haven overlooking the Harbour Bridge and perfect for meditation and yoga. The diverse plant life like lilies and figs will shade you from the urban noises and after a while, you will forget you are in one of the busiest cities in the world. Here you will enjoy the peaceful ambiance surrounded by the art of the local artists and picturesque landscapes perfect to rest your body and mind.

Sardaka [CC BY-SA 3.0]


This Sydney travel guide only scratched the surface of activities and sights for those who love a healthy lifestyle. With over 400 parks, numerous healthy eateries and gorgeous beaches, you will have no problem respecting your healthy regime and enjoying this magnificent city to the fullest.

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