Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas You Will Adore

Proper swimming pool landscape maintenance makes the big difference between being a rewarded and a problematic backyard pool owner. But with a few basic tips on landscaping ideas, plants to use near the pool and maintenance, you’ll make better decisions to design and keep that ultimate backyard amenity and oasis beautiful. Check out the following for a start.

Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

Consider pool lighting around the pool before landscaping the area to prevent digging it up later for the electrical wiring and other things required to install the accents. You should also think of adding pool fencing, but make sure it goes well with your design. For a tip, you may consider fencing the area with plants or screening. Also, use concrete pavers, brick or flagstone to surround the area adjacent to the pool.

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Later, we’ll discuss the plants that go well with swimming pool landscaping.

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[Tip for the boulders and rocks: Pick larger rocks and stones for lawn maintenance, but make sure what you pick won’t compromise the landscape appeal. To choose the right stone elements, consider the overall theme of your swimming pool area because the wrong boulders can ruin its overall look. You might consider hiring an expert in landscape maintenance and design for advice.]

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Also, think of adding benches, lounge chairs and tables, among other outdoor furniture. They will complete the design and create a comfortable space for enjoying the new landscape, according to SF Gate Home Guides. Overall, keep the pool landscaping simple and sweet with a minimalist approach.

Plant Types That Can Be Used

Do not use problematic plants around the pool area (e.g. with too much leaf litter). For example, skip plant varieties that shed too many leaves and petals. Otherwise, you’ll spend much time maintaining the area because of the mess they bring.

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Also, pick plants that do not attract insects, such as honeybees or thorny plants like cactus outside the swimming pool area. They increase the risks for accidents, including stings and pricks. So for the best results, avoid plants posing threat to pool users and those requiring special care. Instead, plant lawn-maintenance perennials or evergreens that only need annual pruning or basic weeding. In addition, plant shrubs and perennials in adjacent flowerbeds, which tend to get into the water feature pumps or water filters.

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In general, select low litter plants, including Australian willow, shoestring acacia, red-hot poker and Japanese Aralia.

Other suggestions:

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  • Tree: Mediterranean Fan Palm, Ironwood, Fruitless Olive, Cascalote, Red Gum Tree
  • Bushes: Buddleia, Arizona Rosewood Mountain Laurel, Turpentine Bush, Calliandra

Pick the area where to plant grass, and as much as possible, leave the grass outside your fence. As while soft grass inside the area’s enclosure looks adorable, it requires much maintenance because they need constant mowing to prevent them from growing toward and inside the pool area.

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You might also consider succulent plants to dress up the pool area with little litter. A few good candidates include aloe, Agave and yucca. For a tropical appeal, you might consider cycads and small palms.

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Overall, avoid invasive and high maintenance plants for lawn landscape maintenance required. Also, consult a local landscape professional for plant suggestions, including what work and what not based on your area’s climate. They may also suggest you options of lawn mowers to take care of the garden.


Maintaining the landscaping surrounding the pool area is one of the most important steps in keeping a clean and debris-free swimming pool.

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If you’re a busy individual, the last thing you’ll want is to spend so much time fertilizing, trimming and maintaining poolscaping. It’s the exact reason to keep the landscaping simple with the right plants and design elements.

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For little maintenance, avoid any deciduous plants or trees because they shed and can clog your pool equipment. Their root systems can also lift decking and break pipes. To prevent worry of the leaves and debris to land in the pool, start with plant selection by referring to the above plants for pool landscaping.

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Regarding the maintenance frequency, it varies per situation. You might want to hire the pros in swimming pool landscaping for the best maintenance solutions. They can create the right maintenance plan that will work for your swimming pool landscaping.

Refer to this guide to stay on the right track in landscape maintenance today!

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