Stylish Tips for Keeping a House Cool in Summer

As winter fades and spring takes hold, summer is just around the corner. Hot days are ahead and that means a warm welcome to the holidays for all. However, while some people love the heat, others look to avoid the blazing sun. But it’s safe to say no matter who you are, at some point you’ll be looking for ways to keep cool.

Home cooling in summer can be difficult. Some lack reliable air conditioning while others prefer stylish ways to keep cool. The great news is there are always cooling options available. For example, classic blinds can keep you cool in summer, while smart air conditioning delivers the ultimate cooling effect. But they’re not the only ways to beat the heat in a stylish fashion.

Embrace Light Shades and Tones

When the thermostat starts motoring upwards your home’s color scheme can help cool things down. Light colors and tones reflect the sun’s radiant energy. Your home absorbs less heat and warmth as a result. You can have a cooler home already with minimal effort.

Dark colors absorb heat. We’re talking about dark roofs, walls or blinds. That can be problematic for lovers of dark shades. Thankfully you don’t have to ditch sophistication or luxury. Light, soft tones still provide a premium aesthetic as attractive decor pieces.

White is the best option for absorbing the least amount of radiant heat. Warm colours like yellow or red provide a splash of color, while cream is timeless. Even light blues or greens offer a sense of chilled calmness. So if you can make the right decision with your home’s exterior, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Choose Beautiful and Practical Blinds

The perfect blinds and curtains will keep the heat out of your home for longer. This means reduced utility costs and comfortable starts to any hot day. Blockout blinds are the most practical option. Sleek and sophisticated, they fit seamlessly into any room. There are no messy slats, making them a great choice for modern homes.

Other superb choices include dramatic curtains draped to the floor. They are an elegant touch, especially in larger rooms. They can complement a wide range of colour schemes in historis or character homes, too. They also ensure you can easily keep a house cool in summer as the sunlight is emphatically blocked out.

The colour choice for your blinds and curtains will impact on heat absorption. Sun-facing rooms are not ideal for dark, heavy curtains. However, rooms without direct sunlight can be perfect for dark tones and shades. But to keep things light where the sun has the biggest impact, go for lighter drapes.

One option is to also alternate. Light curtains and blinds in summer are a wonderful option, while dark blinds in winter deliver a crisp finish. Changing blinds to suit the seasons is a great way to refresh your decor each year.

Go For Greenery

Every stylish home needs a glorious garden both inside and outside. Strategically planted trees and potted plants can easily keep your home cooler. The shade and additional moisture provides a fresh feeling in and around your home.

Shade screens and deciduous trees are best placed where they can block sunlight and create shade. Latticework nestled right up against the external walls is not always the best thing as the heat absorbed by plants will sit against the wall. Instead, with a slight gap, the heat is retained in the greenery and prevented from hitting the house itself.

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Leafy greenery is best for summer cover. Seasonal deciduous trees allow the sun to shine in winter, before the leaves grow and cool things down in summer. If you have a lattice or trellis, quirky options like pumpkins and squash are always popular.

Plant to suit your environment. Palms, evergreens and fruit trees all suit different climates. Speak to a local greenhouse or landscaping expert and you can create a luscious garden for your climate.

And finally, don’t forget the indoor plants! Succulents deliver moisture while removing harmful toxins from the air. The Chinese Evergreen and Rubber Plant are leafy green indoor plant options to look into.

Skip the Large Concrete Surfaces

If you live in a hot climate you do not want harsh concrete surfaces taking in additional heat. Many modern homes feature plenty of concrete so you could be in trouble during a heatwave.

This is why you want to skip large concrete surfaces. It’s a design choice that will leave you spending more on cooling bills. Instead, balance any necessary concrete with greenery and natural materials.

If you’re after a statement piece or statement finishes, look at either light coloured metal cladding or wood. The natural depth of dark woods are less likely to absorb too much heat, while you can create something unique with panelling or as a statue, bench or table.

Even concrete floors inside will absorb heat. Therefore, any luxury indoor selections need to be shaded well and insulated to keep you cooler for longer.

Install Luxurious Air Conditioning

Above all else, having the right air conditioning for your home will pay dividends. You want an AC system that can handle anything the summer sun throws its way.

Smart air conditioning will deliver a quality defence against the heat. The luxurious heating and cooling system can easily be controlled from your smartphone to provide fast and efficient climate control. That means you can have the cooling on before you get home and welcome guests over. It makes hosting any classy soiree easy, no matter how hot it is outside.

Smart ACs also look great. The smart panels are sophisticated and innocuous. Central cooling options provide all-round comfort and control without the excessive noise of a loud unit. With the ability to effortlessly manage your thermostat, zone control and climate, it’s a high quality piece of equipment any stylish home needs to keep you cool.

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