Storage Solutions for Children’s Rooms

Children love toys, their parents and  grandparents love giving them toys, and who likes cleaning up after playtime? No one. Although parents try hard to instill some organizational skills into their youngsters, any attempts to do so after your child’s fourth or fifth birthday are pointless. Children pick up habits from their parents, and if you like to give yourself some time off from cleaning time and time again, there should be no surprise when your children decide to take some time off from cleaning forever.

These habits change once children grow up and become homeowners themselves, but in the meantime, moms and dads, have a look at these attractive storage solutions to help you maintain some order in your child’s room.


Wooden palletes had their hayday in online DIY tutorials during the early 2k10s, and they are slowly leaving the scene. All this means, really, is that they are back to their original cheap prices. There are a lot of tutorials on how to use palletes as storage solutions, but if you are putting them in your child’s room, you will want to take care of the sharp edges. A shelf made of stacked wooden palletes can be a great way to store your child’s educational toys and board games so that they are always in sight, but out of the way.


Wooden crates are an even better solution for storaging, since they are pretty much good to go as they already are. You may want to add a pillow on the top, make it a seating solution as well as a storage unit. Store large toys inside, rather than small ones, and ones that come in parts – things can easily get lost in large boxes.


A bedside table is a great addition to any room, and it can make a child feel like one of the grown ups to have such a smart piece of furniture in their room. However, when the lights are off, things will fall off the table when little hands start feeling around for a glass of water. Create a simple fabric holder for all things your child might want during their bedtime – a sheet of fabric with pockets, that can be tied onto the bed frame. It’s soft, it’s warm, it has pockets, and it can hold a book or a teddy bear. What more could you want?

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Toilet paper rolls are the best recyclable objects, and plastic bottles don’t even come close. Not only are they a fun way to pack small presents, they can be used to store small items as well. Children have a lot of loose small toys, predominantly Lego squares, toy cars, and doll accessories.


These things always find their way scattered around the room, but they don’t have to be if their storage unit is fun, and so easy to make that your child could help out. Stack them together in some shape you want, the easiest being a triangle. If you keep the rolls vertical, it could work for long things, like crayons and color markers, but smaller items would be hard to take out. Stacking the rolls horizontaly, and placing them on the wall makes for a soft shelf with no sharp edges, and a lot of room to organize your littlest accessories.

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