Sticking to resolutions: How can we stick to our new year goals?

On New Year’s Eve, it is tradition to set your goals for the year ahead. Most people aim to travel the world, get a promotion or join the gym. New year resolutions are a chance to reflect on the year gone by and set some intentions for the future. However, all too often, we forget about our ambitious goals by the second week of January.

2022 is the year to hit your goals and make a change in your life. You could read more books, cut out alcohol or take up a new hobby. SGS Engineering surveyed 1,000 homeowners in 2021 and found that 79% aimed to improve their property this year. A third of respondents wanted to try more DIY projects after spending lockdown at home. Almost half planned to redecorate inside, and the kitchen was the most popular room to renovate. Home improvements are a fantastic new year resolution if you can stick to it.

Here are a few more new resolutions you could try out in 2022.


We spend so much time at work. It’s no surprise that many people want to improve their professional lives with new year goals. You could aim to find a new job that fulfils you or finally get a promotion in your current company. Make a big goal and outline some smaller goals to help you achieve it.  For example, if you want to find a new job – you need to apply to jobs, reach out to your network and dedicate time to the interview process.

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Save money

Everyone wants to save more money – and it’s one of the most popular new year resolutions. Instead of promising yourself you will save more money, set out an action plan instead. You could open a savings account and set up a standing order to transfer funding into it. Every month donate 10-20% of your salary into the savings account. The exact percentage depends on your living costs and lifestyle.

Become healthier

January is the most popular time to join the gym. You can start shedding the Christmas weight and detoxing from party season. Or – you could set a more realistic and sustainable goal. Instead of aiming to lose one stone in a month, set out a training plan you can stick to. You could get a personal trainer to help you along the way. Identify where you are going wrong with your health, and make a plan to fix it.

Track your progress with a calorie counting app or with measurements. You need to think about how you will measure your success with the goal.

Have fun with your new year’s resolutions this year, and make some positive changes.

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