Stay Light At Night With Glowpave

If you’re into garden design and want to make the most of your outdoor space – whether it’s the patio, the garden or the porch – you’re bound to want to keep up with the latest, most innovative range of paving solutions. One of the most sought after paving options at the moment is Glowpave – a range of beautifully unique, innovative paving that’s exclusive to Bonita Stone.

Have you ever returned home late at night to a house and garden in complete darkness and perhaps wished there was a touch of ambient light to invite you in?

Glowpave is a fantastic way to introduce light into your garden in a subtle and sophisticated fashion. During the day, Glowpave behaves like any other paving material – but it’s when the sun goes down that it really comes into its own. The subdued turquoise luminosity of tiny stones embedded in the paving material adds magic and style to any outdoor space.

How does it work?

Glowpave is a specialised finish made from a material called ‘exposed aggregate’. If you’ve never heard of exposed aggregate before; it’s durable, reconstituted limestone which is expertly processed to reveal a striking new surface, in a similar way to how marble is polished.

Glowpave incorporates hard-wearing, beautiful exposed aggregate for a polished, stylish quality finish that will tastefully accent any space in your home or garden.

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Powered by the sun’s UV-rays, Glowpave is comprised of various elements – a mixture of paving materials (our exposed aggregate) combined with special compounds with remarkable blue ‘glow in the dark’ properties. While by day the paving looks relatively ordinary, by night it comes to life filled with tiny sapphire-like rocks emanating soft light. The residual ‘glow’ will last for an impressive 3-5 hours – plenty long enough for a relaxing night spent chilling out under the stars – and allowing you to entertain your friends and loved ones in a warming, intimate setting.

How will it look in my home?

Outdoor lighting can sometimes be a little harsh and can also often result in expensive electricity bills. In contrast, Glowpave ensures that your home and garden are illuminated perfectly, without the extra ongoing expense but with a unique finesse. It is available in three neutral ‘stone finish’ colours – stylish white, modern grey and luxurious black, so you can choose a shade which perfectly complements your surroundings.

In addition to bringing your garden and outdoor areas to life, Glowpave enhances the look of your home as a whole to provide that truly chic, luxurious feel with glimmering garden paths and sparkling patio areas. Suitable for driveways, feature areas and door steps, Glow Pave is also perfect poolside for a touch of magic when bathing at night.

How is it fitted?

Glowpave comes in brick form, so fitting and implementing it into a space of any size is simple and very much the same as how any other paving would be laid down. On a more practical note, there is a unique safety aspect to Glowpave. It ensures that in an otherwise pitch black environment you can navigate your surroundings easily – in addition to our exposed aggregate being non-slip – reducing trips, slips and falls. A welcome safety cloaked in stylish class and eye-pleasing luxury.

If you’re looking to add a touch of eye-catching, luminescent magic to your home and garden and astound your neighbours, then Glowpave is certainly an amazing, individual option that you definitely won’t find elsewhere. You’ll certainly make your driveway, patio or poolside look absolutely stunning if you incorporate Glowpave into your design, and have everyone wondering how on Earth you did it!

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