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Standards You Should Always Look For In A Hotel

The most imaginative resorts and hotels are being developed all around the globe. From treetop hideaways to underwater hotels, new properties seem to be pushing the boundaries of how the typical hotel accommodation feels like. No matter how much the modern hotels and resorts innovate, it is important that you look out for some basic amenities and standards, which potential properties must meet if you wish to have a comforting and welcoming experience.

1. Breathable Bed Linens And Plush Pillows

Nothing comes close to having a good night’s sleep. When you are on the road and you’ve got to endure the stresses of planning a successful trip combined with all the travel, you would want nothing more at the end of the day than a quality night’s rest.

It is quite common to find the average hotels providing dark, rough polyester sheets in dated patterns. However, the hotels that put in the effort will provide guests with soft, breathable pastel or white sheets, plump pillows and down comforters. These are luxuriously comfortable and you’ll certainly feel it when sleeping on them.

2. Room Lighting

This is a major issue in many hotels. It is not uncommon to find most hotels offering inadequate lighting in the rooms, bathrooms and bedside lamps and this can be a hassle, especially if you need to stay productive even during your travels. Remember, improved lighting in the hotel rooms serves to enhance your experience while giving you a sense of security.

3. Reliable Wi-Fi Internet

What do most guests consider their most desired amenity in hotels? If you guessed breakfast then you’re dead wrong. Most guests desire secure, fast Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Many hotels across the board offer underwhelming slow and unsecured internet. Instead, you should settle for hotels providing secure wireless internet access. Note that the quality of Wifi should be a major determining factor for any guest who wishes to find a hotel that provides a memorable and enjoyable experience.

4. A Spacious Bathroom

If you are the type to spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom meditating and relaxing after a long tiring day, then this space ought to be cool as opposed to being a standard or boring amenity. While it does not need to be necessarily fancy, you could settle for a bathroom with a classic copper bathtub, glass walls, artwork on the walls, or a plunge pool set up indoors.

5. Soft Bath Towels

The average hotel will provide guests with one or two worn and rough bath towels. However, what you need are oversized, super soft bath towels that envelope you completely. Additionally, the hotel should provide you with multiple towels in different size options to match different uses. The larger, soft towels are comforting and luxurious.

While your desirable hotel room should not necessarily have tons of features, the above-mentioned amenity standards are offered as a bare minimum and as such, you should never ignore them in your search for the appropriate hotel. As a hotel guest, you drive hospitality and you might want to consider booking yourself into the hotels or resorts that support your expectations.

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