Spruce Up Your New Year with a New Kitchen

Your home can be completely transformed just by updating the kitchen. Have you ever looked at houses online and been immediately taken back by outdated cabinets and ancient appliances?

If you’re in the market to sell, you should pay especially close attention to what your kitchen looks like. However, even if you don’t plan on relocating anytime soon, giving your kitchen a facelift with these tips can bring a splash of modernity to your home.

Replace Your Cabinets

Out with the old, in with the new. Bulky, wooden cabinets that look like they’re from the 90s—or even earlier—can make a kitchen feel cluttered or uncared for. Change things up by replacing them with sleeker, more compact cabinets in a cool white or charcoal black.

Photo by Pacific Cabinetry & Design

If a total overhaul isn’t in your budget right now, don’t worry. You can easily refinish kitchen cabinets following tutorials online. Replacing doors and swapping out handles will bring your new design to life.

Dress Up the Counters

Quartz countertops might seem like they’re reserved for mansions and luxury high-rises, but they’re becoming more popular and affordable for standard homes too. If you’re patient, you can also find excellent sales on materials. Real quartz countertops in your kitchen are an excellent choice due to their scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces.

Photo by Pacific Cabinetry & Design

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can create your own quartz countertops at home. Resurfacing kits can give you the effect of the real mineral without spending as much money.

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Add Seating

Kitchens should feel like a place you can relax, which means it’s important to add some nice seating to your kitchen. You may want to install a kitchen banquette, which looks like a restaurant booth and adds an extra touch of comfort to your kitchen.

Photo by Kimberley Harrison Interiors

Other kitchen seating options to consider include bar and counter stools, upholstered dining chairs and breakfast bars. Think about what you use your kitchen the most for besides eating. In most people’s homes, the kitchen is a central hangout spot, arts and crafts station, homework center and much, much more. May sure there’s space and seating for all these activities.

Add Some Fun Amenities

Embrace your unique living style by adding greater functionality to your kitchen’s space. Whether it’s a two-tier island for simultaneous cooking and dining or a built-in bar to wow your dinner guests, your design options should reflect what makes you feel the most at home.

Photo by Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

Some ideas to consider for your new kitchen amenities are:

  • Mobile islands
  • Farmhouse sinks
  • An espresso machine with milk frother
  • Built-in, double ovens
  • Magnetic spice racks
  • Tablet stand and wireless phone charger dock

Remember to start small with your kitchen renovations; sometimes, just replacing your cookware can make your entire space feel revitalized. If you’re ready to embrace a bigger change, give your kitchen a makeover that will amaze well into the new decade.

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