Why Spend Your Money on Timber Furniture?

Furniture comprises to be a major part of home decoration. The quality of furniture not only adds aesthetic elements to our home, but it also determines the comfort aspects too. This is the reason why one should choose furniture very carefully, so that both aesthetic and comfort aspects can be brought into our home’s decor. In the world of furniture, timber is certainly the most preferred choice by the customers.

There are many reasons that make timber furniture popular in the market, and the two main reasons are- durability and attractiveness. Solid timber based furniture can be really tough and durable, and the dining tables are the perfect example of it. In order to make you more aware of the benefits, let us focus at some of them.

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Reasons to Purchase Timber Furniture


Furniture made from solid timber can be repaired more easily when compared to the ones made from plywood or plastic fibre. Be it water marks or scratches, you can easily get rid of such issues with minimal effort. Likewise, special wax can be used for filling up the gouges and dents, which in turn will make the surface smoother and shinier. Moreover, different colours of wax are available, and hence you can select the same as per the colour of the timber. Gluing the splinters back is also quite easy.

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Aesthetically pleasing

Colouring and grainy features add tons of beauty to the furniture made from solid timber. The natural beauty of timber can easily impress anyone, and with their presence, you will be able to make a great impression in the mind of your guests. In addition, solid timber can be shaped very easily; you can add details like turned legs, mouldings, bevelled edges, etc. There is no shortage of options when it comes to designing timber furniture.

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Timber is highly tough when compared to plywood and PVC. Once you purchase furniture made from timber, you can expect it to last for decades, without losing its shine. Hence, these pieces of furniture are one time investment, and this is the reason why people do not mind spend a little extra on the same.

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Furniture made from timber is way better than the PVC or metal based ones. The use of timber for the production of furniture also encourages the plantation of more trees, which in turn proves to be good for the environment. No harmful waste products are created during the process of making furniture from timber. Hence, the timber made furniture items are much better in many aspects.

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How to Take Good Care of Your Timber Furniture?

Once you have purchased furniture made up of timber, you have to protect it from rain. When wood or timber is being constantly exposed to moisture then it starts losing its strength and quality. So, you need to make sure the furniture is not placed directly under the sun or rain. There is no problem in considering timber made furniture for outdoor purpose; all you have to do is place it under a shed.

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In addition, you should also clean the timber furniture on regular basis, which in turn will maintain the shine on its surface, give coat of varnish to ensure the wood is insulated from both moisture and from other insects. Most importantly, it is vital to check the timber is not infected with termites; if you see the presence of termites then use suitable chemicals to get rid of the same. This is the reason why it is better to purchase timber furniture from a reputed dealer. Comparing the price as well as the reviews in the online world can really help you a lot in making the right decision.

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