Smart Tips to Take Amazing Portrait Photographs of Your Face

In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of new photography trends. But whether you want to embrace vintage photography or modern trends, it’s essential to learn how to pose and take beautiful photos of your face as well. Luckily, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to learn how to pose and highlight your facial features. With these simple photography tips, your next photo shoot will be successful, and you’ll end up with beautiful portrait photographs all your friends and family will love.

Tell an authentic story

An excellent photography technique has the power to draw the viewer’s eye into the picture. To make this possible, you need to put focus on your face and find a clean and mundane background that won’t distract the viewer. What’s more, portrait photographs should be well lit, but they also need to look welcoming. Luckily, there are many lighting solutions that will help you illuminate your face or highlight your most prominent features or shadows.

It’s worth mentioning that photography is one of the most sophisticated forms of art. As an artist or a model, you need to learn to tell an authentic story with your facial expressions or poses. Cool lighting or a fancy eye makeup look will improve the quality of your self-portrait and give the photograph a personality and more depth.

Do a self-study before the photoshoot

Have you ever taken a photo of yourself that you didn’t really like? Believe it or not, that is a common phenomenon that many amateur photographers experience on a regular basis. This happens mainly because you don’t understand which poses or expressions can portray what you look like. So, to fix this issue and improve your photography and modelling skills, you need to do self-study before your next photo shoot.

For example, you can take numerous selfies on your phone while experimenting with lighting or background colors. Still, it’s also of great importance to determine which color combinations can complement your skin tone. As a result, you may find out that you need to wear purple instead of red to highlight your features. Some colors will look better on you, and if you study your colors, you’ll increase the chances of taking a portrait photograph you’ll like.

Use a tripod

Holding the phone or camera in your hands is a good practice if you’re taking a photo for your Instagram account. But, if you want to achieve better results and elevate your photography skills, you will need to invest in professional equipment.

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By using a tripod, your hands won’t be in the way, and you’ll have more freedom to find the perfect pose and even give more personality to your portrait photograph. So, for example, you might want to place your hands on the cheeks to create a new facial expression or play with your hair to make your portrait wilder and more adventurous.

Boost your self-esteem

Using too much makeup to highlight your best features is a bad practice. Instead, you might want to find another way to boost your self-esteem and prepare for the next photo shoot. For example, you can visit your local dentist to consider a teeth bonding procedure before the photo shoot.

That way, your dentist will cover all imperfections and make your smile ready for the camera. If you really want to make a statement, you can also whiten all your teeth. This procedure will boost your confidence and help you create excellent black and white portrait photos.

Edit your portrait

Photo editing is a standard practice. It’s so popular that even professional photographers need quality editing software to retouch their photos and keep their customers happy. Luckily, you can find professional image retouching services online that will help you make all the final changes.

But it’s worth noting that editing is a process that can help you make minor alterations to your portrait. If you overdo it, everyone will be able to notice that you’ve spent hours trying to make your eyes look brighter. Still, when you need to edit your photos, it’s advisable to experiment with shadows instead of adjusting exposure. Keep in mind that editing isn’t easy. It’s advisable to ask someone to help you or hire a freelancer to edit your photos.


Photography is a wonderful hobby everyone can enjoy. Still, to become a professional, you need to practice and study before organizing your next photo shoot. If possible, talk to other photographers and ask for some tips that will help you elevate your skills. But, if you’re interested in self-portraits, you will need to do self-study. That way, you will learn more about yourself and your features. What’s more, practice makes perfect, so continue to take selfies on your phone and eventually, you’ll become ready for a professional photo shoot.

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