Small Garden Ideas for Front Yards

When you think about a perfect house it comes with everything – nice exterior with a beautiful front yard and backyard, and of course, beautiful interior.

You may think that your front yard can’t be landscaped or made beautiful because it’s not big enough. The truth, however, is that any front yard space no matter how small or large can be transformed into an amazing and inviting garden.

If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out and be more beautiful start with the outside.

Check out some of the amazing small garden ideas and you may be inspired to transform your front yard.


If you want to make your house stand out from the sea of boring houses and you’re looking for something low maintenance – we suggest hedges. Hedges come in different varieties and yes, they can be both high and low maintenance.

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Shrubs that form hedges are great front yard plants as they are both decorative and they act as a fence plus they are evergreen – meaning they retain their leaves for the whole year. You can choose slow or fast-growing ones, depending on how much work you want to invest in them.

Slow-growing ones are great as they don’t require much tending and maintenance. It’s also good to know that hedges provide that simple yet classical look to your front yard. There are a lot of different shrubs that can create some of the best front yard hedges.

Green lawn with pops of color

You don’t have to get rid of the grass in your front yard to make a nice garden. A nice green lawn can be a good starting point for making your front garden look amazing.

You can spice up your front lawn and give it more character by adding edging to it. Adding edges and borders with plants and flowers may give natural motion and dynamic to your front yard.

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Add colorful flowers that you can change with seasons or go for evergreen plants – whatever suits your needs. Create a beautiful front garden with a lawn and make it pop with bold flower colors. The plants and flowers that can give your front lawn a nice border include hydrangeas, daylilies, lavender, stonecrop, creeping thyme to name a few.

These types of front yard gardens are relatively easy to maintain – they need to be watered and mown regularly, apart from that, they don’t require much. When you have a lawn to water investing in retractable hose reels is a good idea as you can easily move the hose around without getting it all tangled up.

Stones and succulents

While the plants and flowers are the most natural option for decorating your front yard – there are other options as well. If you want your front yard to be different you can play around with stones and rocks.

Different color stones if arranged nicely can be a beautiful idea for a small front yard. You can use bigger stones for edging of your front yard and in between, you can use gravel. To add some character to your modern gravel front garden you can add succulents.

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Succulents are plants that come in various colors and they are super easy to maintain as they don’t require much attention at all. Succulents also come in different types and sizes so you can play around with textures and sorts.

To plant succulents you can use stone planters to give your front yard a nice, sleek, and modern look.

Front yard water feature

Small front yards tend to be tricky, but if you are a fan of whimsical you won’t mind placing a nice water feature in your front yard. A small elegant stone fountain surrounded by different color blooms sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Photo by All Oregon Landscaping

Or maybe you prefer something more modern, like a gravel or stone yard with a single pot that has a pump that keeps the water circulating? These kinds of gardens are ideal for people who’d like to have a nice front garden but without much maintaining to do.

There are so many possibilities and ideas when it comes to adding a water feature in your front garden, you just need to find what you like the most.

Stone or steel planter boxes

If your front yard is next to non-existent and all you have to work with is concrete – don’t despair there is still hope for your curb appeal.

If your front door leads straight to a curbside you can still do something to make it more beautiful. Place two stone or steel planter boxes on either side of your door and plant either some nice flowers or evergreens. You can also go with grasses and other low-maintaining plants and flowers.

Photo by Foundation Landscape Design

It may not seem like much but it will give your house exterior some much-needed character.

Regardless of how big or small your front yard is, you can always dress it up and in that way add more character to your house. Modern, traditional, classical, Mediterranean, low, or high-maintenance all of these front yard gardens give a strong first impression of the house and people who live in it.

So, don’t let your house be characterless and boring when there are so many beautiful ways to highlight the architectural features of your house.

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