Six Design Tips for Creating a Truly Unique Bedroom Space

Are you looking for some design inspiration to reinvent your bedroom space? Do you want to create a look that says, “yeah, this is all me?” Then Household Quotes can help. Its team of researchers recently imagined some bedroom designs based on TV’s most unique personalities – the stars of the outrageous RuPaul’s Drag Race.

So here’s a look at six tips on designing a unique bedroom space.


A chandelier isn’t a light fixture; it’s a design statement. Stylish, sophisticated, and more than a little opulent, it’s the kind of extravagance you’d expect to see in any queen’s bedroom. But these queens do things a little differently. So forget those old-fashioned hanging crystal prisms. It’s time for inverted spider web chandeliers and starburst light fixtures that look like mini-explosions frozen in ice.

Color scheme

A color scheme sets the tone. It creates an atmosphere, reflecting who we are and how we want to feel. Colour schemes are deeply personal. That’s why there was only one choice for Violet Chahki’s private boudoir – a deep purple and mysterious violet combo. Gothic-inspired furnishings and a classic open fireplace flanked by two country house wall lights complete the glam-vamp look.

The centerpiece

A bed is the centerpiece of every queen’s private chamber. Queen-size is standard, of course, but size isn’t the only thing that matters; style is just as important. Trixie Mattel’s pink and blue circle bed encapsulates the future-funk look that made her the stand-out star of season three. And it’s the perfect focal point for her 1960 barbie-inspired hippie chic bedroom. It’s super pink, unashamedly yellow, and uber-girly. This is a room built and styled for a living doll.

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Lighting is another important mood setter. The soft lighting emanating from lamps scattered around Violet Chachki’s bedroom gives this purple boudoir an extra layer of intrigue. The traditional high Georgian window frames flood Yvie Oddly’s Bedroom with natural light. The dazzling sunlight brings out the bright green and purple color scheme, producing a relaxing, fun, and creative vibe.

Wall fixtures and paintings

Violet Chachki’s illuminated signature wall fixture might be a little self-indulgent for some people’s taste, but it sums up what this uncompromising queen is all about. And isn’t that the definition of true style? The pictures above Kim Chi’s bed express her love of all things anime, while Jaida Essence Hall’s deconstructed sun panel portraits sum up this queen’s contemporary sophistication.

Keeping it simple

Subtle, understated, and laidback – three words that you’d never associate with a queen of drag. But everyone needs somewhere where they can unwind and escape the chaos. The sleek, sharp lines in Kim Chi’s imagined room reveal a very different side to her on-stage persona. Minimal clutter suggests this is a space for clearing the mind and de-stressing before a good night’s sleep. The dashes of bright pink and vibrant green furniture trimmings confirm this is still a queen’s room.

A bedroom should be more than just a place for sleeping. Instead, it should be a personal statement and your private oasis. So use these tips to create a space that is truly yours.

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