Simply Brilliant Wooden Pallet Crafts For Your Home

Who would have thought that something that is commonly viewed as trash would be taking the do it yourself project world by a storm? The pallet is ever versatile and with the vast amounts of possible crafts, it will be difficult to pick what to create. Regardless of your skill level, there’s a craft out there for just about everyone, a craft that will surely emphasize your living with ease, beautify your household. If you love books or have a book worm in your life, perhaps they would benefit from a small bookshelf? Or if you’re a gardener, you might appreciate a small potting bench for your gardening chores.

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Common Uses for Pallets

While pallets were commonly used to help transport large items such as furniture or bulk supplies, someone out there saw their true potential as a versatile craft, that someone was soon about to change the world. The various possibilities are almost overwhelming, and Pinterest certainly doesn’t help the case either! You can find a tutorial or inspiration for just about anything including coffee tables, book shelves, and even a platform on which to put your bed on! Don’t believe us? Don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of the pictures below!

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Where to Find Pallets

Pallets are cheap, in most cases you can find them free of charge. In fact, some warehouses regularly dispose of them or place them on their street corner in hopes that someone will eliminate the ‘headache’ of removing them. Little do they know, that these pallets are good for more than just transporting goods. If you’re not sure where to look for them, a quick call to your local recycling center may yield some results. Another alternative place to look is on Craigslist. You may want to try the free section.

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Now that you’ve located your pallets, take a look at what can be achieved with a few hours of craftiness!

Beautiful Wooden Pallet Furniture Crafts To Do

Organize Your Closet

Maybe your closet is a mess or those magazines at the grocery checkout lanes are making you feeling guilty; an organized closet is easy to achieve now with a few pallets. While this picture shows a bare bones idea of what can be achieved with a couple of pallets, those who are decorative and have more time on their hands may be able to get away with more. Why not get some paint involved? Or even some wood stains?

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Craft name here

Who doesn’t love coffee? Everyone knows a coffee lover. Simple to create and super thoughtful is this coffee mug holder. Okay, it doesn’t have to be just for coffee, there’s tea lovers out there too! This project would probably take you less than a day to finish. All you need is a few hooks, a wood stain or paint, and some time.

farmhouse display and wall shelves

Hanging Book Shelves

Want to foster the inner reader in your child without taking up too much space in your house? You don’t need bulky bookshelves to hold a collection of books. These ‘gutter’ like shelves are perfect for hanging on the walls. A variety of wood stains makes it possible for you to match it to any décor or paint scheme you already have.

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rustic display and wall shelves

Crafty Bar Stools

Yeah everyone else probably has bland old bar stools, but not you! These bar stools were created from two wood pallets and probably took the owner less time to create instead of browsing through a furniture catalog. Simply sand the wood down till it’s a smooth finish, and add a wood stain of your choosing to make the wood pop!

rustic armchairs and accent chairs

Everyone Needs a Desk

Yes, everyone. If a desk seems unaffordable or you simply enjoy the idea of upcycling, give this pallet desk a try. Easy to build and super customizable depending on your needs, you can feel good about recycling while having an ultra-modern desk.

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Gardening Table

Great for the gardener in you or someone else you know, this pallet gardening table is simple to create and you won’t feel weird for having it in your backyard. While everyone else is wondering where you got it, you can smile to yourself knowing that you created it yourself.

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Wine or Beverage Holders

A decoration that is easy to do.  You can keep the wood dull to keep up that rustic antique feel, or you can sand the wood down and apply a wood stain for an ultra-modern look. The choice is yours!

rustic wine racks

How do you see wooden pallets and what do it yourself project with pallets you`ve attempted so far? Wooden pallets are an extraordinary almost endless resource that one should consider for its crafts. What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section.


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