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Shipping is Easy with Insulated Polystyrene Boxes

Polystyrene shipping boxes can be used for various shipping purposes such as shipping perishable food, medical goods and various items. The boxes allow the food to remain at as consistent temperature throughout the shipping period to make sure they arrive in an excellent condition.

Polystyrene shipping boxes – Ship cold food

They are available in deferent sizes and are reusable for some trips, provided that they are being used efficiently.  The insulating property of the Polystyrene boxes implies that frozen or cold foods can be shipped over long distances. Insulated Polystyrene shipping boxes, if used correctly, can be an efficient and safe way of shipping perishables.

Polystyrene shipping boxes – Ship hot food

In addition to shipping cold things, insulated Polystyrene boxes can be used to keep hot things hot, and are thus perfect options for the catering industry. Learning how to use these boxes can make a big difference for an individual who need to transport or ship items at a given temperature.

Take safety measures in using dry ice

When shipping goods that are required to be cold or frozen, use cold gel packs or dry ice to maintain the low temperature. The right amount of dry ice or gel pack to use on the box depends on the temperature at which you wish the goods to remain.

Dry ice is typically used for frozen products that need some careful handling operations at both ends. If you choose to ship using dry ices, it’s best to inform the recipient so that he knows what to expect and thus takes appropriate safety actions when unpacking the box.


When packaging goods into the insulated Polystyrene shipping boxes, ensure you leave room for the appropriate temperature maintaining agents.

Pack the goods to avoid jostling, particularly if there is glass in the box. For delicate goods, ensure to use packing materials to protect the fragile content.

Sealing the box

When sealing the box, ensure you create a good seal to keep the warm or cold air inside the box during shipping. Avoid over-filling as this may prevent the lid from fitting correctly and create a good seal.

Gel packs may be used to keep the goods warm in the box. Some gel packs can keep the goods either cold or warm, making them versatile for a range of shipping needs. Again, ensure to pack carefully and keep a good seal at the top of the box.

Polystyrene boxes – Simple and economical

Polystyrene shipping boxes are the most economical and simplest technique of shipping perishable goods at the require temperatures, especially when it involves shipping small amounts. An advantage with the insulated Polystyrene shipping boxes is that you can pack them and reuse them afterwards, which keep the transport cost down. Be sure to check any regulations that might be enforced by your shipping company, especially regarding precarious or medical supplies.

Polystyrene shipping boxes form an excellent way to add an insulation layer to your cardboard box. This renders them the ideal box accessory and all shipping businesses should adopt it, especially if they need to keep their goods cool or warm. Polystyrene boxes are appropriately used for protective packaging and thermal insulation.

The boxes made of polystyrene form an excellent container for all kinds of foods, allowing insulation for longer periods and reducing temperature fluctuations while shipping. Polystyrene boxes make the most appropriate packaging-insulation container option due to its cost-effectiveness and high benefits percentage.

Make certain you purchase quality Polystyrene boxes from reliable suppliers such as Omega Packaging Australia.

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