Shipping Container: An Affordable Way to Add Space to Your House

The whole world has an obligation to take care of its planet, since it’s the only home we have. This eco-friendly policy is slowly but surely finding its way even into our houses, empowered by the slogan ‘think globally, act locally’. So when it comes to adding space to your residence, that’s not only environmentally sound, but also durable and much more benign to your wallet – think shipping containers. Here’s why.

Giving Your Home a Whole New Look

It’s amazing just how easily you can join more living spaces to your property, since shipping containers are actually just mobile four walls with a bottom and a top on it. Originally made for transport, in recent times they have been reinvented as eco housing facilities. You can put them anywhere to your liking and use them as bedrooms, lounging areas, bathrooms, portable studios, or even kiosks, workshops, etc. Whatever suits your needs. There are even examples of people who completely reinvented and redesigned their homes using this construction method.



According to trusted suppliers of container shelters, although it requires a little planning and preparation, shipping containers are designed to be easily modified, making them an excellent mean to build yourself an extra room (or more) in a short amount of time. We all know that these containers are originally used for shipment, storage and rough handling, so they are made lightweight, highly flexible and build to last, built to withstand the elements. So it’s like playing a game of Tetris, without the disappearing, of course, when you fill in the row with blocks, or better yet, imagine having large scale recyclable Lego bricks at your disposal and all you need to do is envision how they’re supposed to improve your home space and for what purpose.

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In traditional Japan, their houses were built sturdy on the outside, but of light wood and paper on the inside, enabling the resourceful residents to form rooms in various shapes and sizes whenever necessity or circumstances demands. Using shipping containers is a modern version of that approach to home design. They may be a tad rigid, restraining your room shaping options, but they’re useful nonetheless, since there aren’t many contemporary construction methods that quickly let you change, or adapt the appearance and functions of your rooms to your needs and/or whims.


This is one major advantage, to be frank, as you spent undeniably less for a decent living space. Definitely money well spent, considering the costs of building a part of a house, let alone the whole thing from scratch. You can almost halve the costs of building a home with these stout, retired, yet preserved shipment boxes, it’s no wonder why there is a boom across the urban world, a demand for a more economical, as well as nature conserving residential construction. And besides residences, there are many businesses, big and small, which ‘upgraded’ their offices and working spaces into something more practical and financially appealing.


Once you educate yourself some more, take into account more details about this method of constructing and expanding your personal space, I know without a doubt that it’s an excellent choice for reasonably improving your living conditions and habits. All that is left – if you’re up for it – is to simply give it a go.

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