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Sheltering Solutions: Exploring The Diversity Of Metal Buildings

When it comes to metal buildings, many people still think of the stereotypical grey-colored, industrial-looking structures. However, steel manufacturers have modernized the look of metal buildings, giving them a sleek and contemporary appearance. Metal is no longer restricted to just commercial aspects but has expanded to other domains, be it residential or agricultural.

Various forms of steel buildings, their types, and designs are available based on their physical structure and uses. Let’s see them one by one.

Different Types Of Metal Buildings Based On Structure:

There are multiple types of metal buildings based on the physical structure. We have summarized them below for you.


Four posts at each corner covered by a roof – that’s the simplest metal structure called a ”carport.” According to International Building Codes (IBC), a steel carport must be opened from at least two sides, or else it will be categorized as a garage.

These are further subdivided into three structures: ones attached to your house, stand-alone ones, and those detached with a lean-to. This space can be used for parking cars, RVs, boats, and mini trucks, and it can also serve as a patio, outdoor space, play area, and more.


Steel garages provide complete protection for stored items and vehicles. These are covered from all sides with an entry door. They come in three types: attached to your main home, detached, and detached with a lean-to. You can use your metal garage for storing equipment, such as a workshop, car parking space, personal office, man-cave, she-shed, etc.


Metal barns are a popular alternative to traditional wooden barns that are extensively used in agriculture. They can be designed as a large Carolina barn, horse barn, chicken coop, cattle shelter, or storage for agricultural machinery. Some metal dealers offer color options to blend your barn with the external surroundings or stand out with a distinctive look. You can even add an exterior facade for a personalized look.

Clear Span

Metal buildings can be designed without interior support columns. They are called clear spans. You get the maximum use of your square footage and complete freedom for interior design. You can even make a metal barndominium out of a clear-span barn. It is a modern living quarter with a minimal carbon footprint.

Different Types Of Steel Buildings Based On Uses:


Gone are the days when metal buildings were meant to be for industrial purposes. Now, you can get a metal carport, garage, and even living quarters. Additionally, you can repurpose any of these structures as per need. For example, your steel garage can be remodeled as an office, storage unit, in-law suite, man-cave, art studio, and much more.


Red wooden barns were popular agricultural buildings, and their image is still used on eye-testing machines. Modern barns can be designed without support columns, up to 40 ft. in height and 300 ft. in width. Metal barns can be used to shelter livestock and store tractors, plows, seeders, harvesters, and even crop dusters.


One of the earliest uses of steel buildings is in the industrial sector. From establishing large manufacturing units to automobile factories, all need column-free space to design internal space as per their business. Nowadays, you can find warehouses, cold storage, and the e-commerce industry being depended on for their daily activities. The reason is – easy regulation of temperature, less upkeep that reduces operational cost, and pest & mold-free steel panels.


From the industrial sector to the commercial, the use of steel structures has become widespread. You can build a retail store, commercial offices, and or factory outlet that is easy to maintain and retains its structural integrity over time. So, your investment, assets, and products are all safe & protected. Additionally, there are various government plans that give you tax credits for installing energy-efficient buildings, such as certified steel structures.

Energy Sector

Steel is robust with high tensile strength. It can bear load more than wooden buildings. So, it is an ideal material to install solar roofs and panels. Both solar and metal are eco-friendly companions. They complement each other. So, take advantage of the energy-saving opportunity and buy a solar carport or garage for your lot from a reputed metal dealer.


Americans are sports enthusiasts. Almost 48% of Americans played sports in 2022 & 68% of them are fans of at least one sport. From Baseball to the Olympics, they love recreational activities. Metal buildings can be designed as training institutions, indoor sports clubs, amusement parks, and other amenities. Its low cost, less maintenance & durability will help reach out to the local community for equal participation.


Be it a gas station service area or parking commercial vehicles, metal garages can span across two digital widths in feet and as long as you want. Heavy-duty machines, large trucks, or oil tankers all need parking space when at rest or not in use. A metal garage is non-combustible and is the best bet for the transportation industry.

In Closing

Steel structures are high quality, durable, low maintenance, pest & fireproof, weather resistant, and versatile buildings. With so many options available at your disposal, now is the time to take action & support the climate crisis by buying a building that has less impact on the environment and your pocket.

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