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Seven Tips for a Successful Spring Clean

Spring is well and truly here, and with it comes time for the always (okay, sometimes never) popular Spring Clean! While such a task can feel impossible, we’ve collated our top seven tips to help with a thorough and speedy spring clean.

Where to Start

Many homeowners are quick to start with their bedroom or bathroom, then after feeling tired, quickly give up. Unfortunately, this method just leaves you with a half-clean house and a feeling of defeat. Instead, start with the most used room in the house. If you can appreciate the cleanliness of a room shortly after cleaning it, you are likely to feel motivated to finish the job.

One Room at a Time

If it’s just you doing the cleaning, doing one job (vacuuming, dusting, washing the walls) throughout the house at a time isn’t effective. Stick with one room at a time and don’t leave it until it’s cleaned to your satisfaction.

Don’t Be a Hoarder

This tip is especially true for clothes. If you enjoy having a large selection of clothes to choose from, instead of holding on to your old fashions, replace them with new items, one for one. Look for discounts at stores like Puma which have a Groupon Coupons page full of vouchers you can take advantage of to keep your replenishing costs down.

Temporary Trash

It seems like time is always against us, and cleaning is no exception. Instead of constant trips to the trash can, set up a mid-way point close to the room you are cleaning and store your trash there. Only when the bag is full should you make the trip to the trash can.

Let It Go

If you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn stain or mark, don’t let it get the best of you. Continue cleaning the rest of the room and when you have finished, come back and give it all you’ve got. Too many people get caught up on one stain that it distracts them from the rest of the clean, leaving the room unfinished and them feeling defeated.

Start at the Top

A good spring clean is a thorough spring clean. With your duster, start with the ceiling and then make your way to the walls. As these areas dry your time is set for ground-level cleaning. Only once this is completely done should you finish the room with a thorough vacuum.

Reward Yourself

As you successfully clean each room, take a short break to reward yourself with a tasty snack or catch up on you social media. Be careful, however, that you don’t get too distracted and forget to finish the job.

And you’re done! If you’ve followed these tips then you have a clean house, a new style to show the world and the satisfaction of a job well done. Now it’s time to take a break until next year!

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