Sensational Dining Room Transformation: Easy Ideas for Everyone

A lot of homeowners want to make the most of the space they have and do so by creating open living areas. Open living spaces are becoming quite popular to give the illusion of more space. However, people often are unsure of how to decorate these spaces and there are often forgotten corners that aren’t utilised. If you aren’t an interior designer you may find home decor fun to do but often challenging. However if done right you can optimise on the forgotten space in your living area, kitchen and lounge area and put them to use.

Knock Down Walls

Open living spaces are the ultimate family environment. Combining the kitchen, lounge and dining area in one open living space creates a great family area for fun and games. You can treat this area as the practical social hub within the house. By having the kitchen right next to the lounge area you are able to communicate whilst doing different tasks.

Extra Seating

Additional seating is always great in communal areas. A dining table and dining chairs are a necessity in the dining room. Depending on your style they can bring a touch of style and ambiance to the room. They also bring the family together for daily meals and conversation. One of the easiest ways to transform an open living area is with practicality. Additional seating can be great for when unexpected guests turn up and for family gatherings. A cosy ottoman and foot rest is also a great statement piece to bring some colour and style to the room.

Storage Display

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Open shelving is a great way to display attractive decor pieces. It is also a smart storage space saver. Keep in mind that the larger the cabinet the smaller it will make the room seem. Floating wall mounted shelving is another chic and modern way to optimise on storage. They are a great way to display your favourite decor with elegance.

A Fireplace

A fireplace is a classic statement that makes you feel right at home. During winter this will be a hit. Everyone will love gathering around the fire for a coffee and a game of cards. A fireplace mantel in the living area is another cosy idea that serves as another surface to display your decor. If you are not interested in a traditional fireplace there are a lot of modern options to choose from.

A Work Space

If you would prefer to work in an open area, why not create a space to work in? If you work from home, bring work home or need a place to sort mail and bills you can turn that boring corner into a workspace. They are also great to monitor the little ones whilst they’re working on the computer. Turn it into a space that can be utilised by the whole family. All you need is a simple desk and comfortable, ergonomic chair to work on. You can also utilise floating shelving to store office supplies, from books, pens, stapler and other necessities. It’s also a good idea to set up your wireless connection in the hub of the home for access in the main area of your home.

Open areas are great for creating the illusion of more space. There is not always going to be a necessity for additional items however, when placed strategically they can turn a house into a home. Create a living space that is convenient and accessible for the whole family and everyone will enjoy spending their time there.

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