Selecting the Ideal Baluster Style for Your Stairways

Stair railings are not just for safety. A beautifully crafted stair balustrade can alter the beauty of the house and add a style statement. You can make them as per your choice like traditional ones made of wood only or modern type which are made of glass or metal.

A baluster is short decorative pillar lined up together forming a series (called balustrade) for supporting a rail or group. It is generally used in staircase as a support between the handrail and the base rail.

Generally, balusters are of various types depending upon the material with which they are built. Thus, they can be divided into wooden balusters and metal balusters depending on use of different materials. Different balusters are of designed in several manners including spindles with handrail and base rail made of wood and balusters of glass with handrail made of wood. Modern stair balustrades are made of materials such as cast iron, cast stone, hardwoods, plaster, polymer stone, polystyrene, wrought iron and vinyl.

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Latest designs of stair balusters

The following styles of the balusters can open a scope for choosing an ideal one for you.

  • Modern Metal: The entryway and the metal color beautifully contrast each other. The color of the metal balustrade and treads of stairs has been kept black to keep it simple yet attractive. It perfectly complements where the walls are off white in color.
  • Wood and Glass: The color tone of the handrail and the stairs have been kept the same to avoid too many shades. The stair balustrade is made of solid glass panel which seamlessly beautifies the overall look.
  • Rustic: Here the handrail including the balusters is made of rough-hewn woods which seamlessly match with those of the walls and the sofas, the cushions and the table. The entire look has been made to give a traditional look.
  • Wooden Curves: This elegant looking spiral staircase looks beautiful matched with the surroundings. The stairs and the railings are made of the same wood and same colour yet its design and colour matching makes it unique in appearance.
  • Craftsman: This style has two-toned panels. It is entirely made of wood. The wooden hues match with the walls of the entryway and the cut-outs of the stair balustrade complement the design of the glass in the background.
  • Stainless Steel Cable: The railings are made of continuous solid wood and the stair balustrade is made of steel cables which make it look unique. This one is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Geometric Gold: The golden tone of these railings brightens up the entire white colored background. A geometric pattern is used for the stair balustrades.

Choosing the ideal Balustrade Design for Your House

  • The first thing is you need to look at your budget. How much are you willing to spend on the materials for your stair balustrade? Generally, balustrade made of glass and wood cost more than wrought iron. Also, remember that you might have spent a few bucks on installation.
  • The beauty of the home is based according to the preferences of the homeowner. Look at the architectural designs, background color and details of your home.
  • Don’t just go for style only. Remember side rails are for the safety in a staircase.
  • Glass balustrades are increasing in popularity because they are transparent and blend with interiors seamlessly.
  • To have a soothing design the balustrade should be a nice contrast with wall color, furniture and staircases.

There are a variety of designs and options available for the homeowners. If you have built a new house, you should give considerable time to selecting your balustrade design. Keep it within your budget and find a balustrade style that gives a unique look to your home.

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