Most Scenic ‘Glamping’ Destinations in the US

The United States is one of the world’s premier destinations for camping and hiking. Every year, more than a million visitors enter the U.S. with the intent of camping in the American wilderness, and this number does not even account for the millions of Americans who enjoy camping between our borders as well.

However, camping certainly has its downsides, and there are many reasons one might prefer not to engage in this activity. From sweltering heat to infestations of mosquitoes or other unwanted critters, lack of running water to uncomfortable mattresses, many people are turning away from the beloved American pastime of camping in the summer.

For these reasons, glamping was conceived. Far from its rustic, mosquito-infested cousin, glamping – or glamorized camping – is an upgraded form of camping that often includes features such as cabins, running water, hot tubs, prepared meal, and other luxurious touches.

Increasingly, Americans turn to glamping because it gives the best of both worlds: all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer with the comfort and luxury we hope to experience while on vacation.  These states are among the most beautiful to engage in this new form of camping.


Hawaii is among the best destinations in the United States to go glamping, and with good reason. Eight main islands and endless activities allow you to make the best of the white-sand beaches and sunshine. There are few locations where natural beauty meets luxury quite like it does in Hawaii. Hawaiian glamping offers a wide range of eco-huts, yurts, small villas, and much more to suit your preferences. Even tents are available, though more permanent and more beautiful than traditional camping tents, with comfortable beds and mattresses as well as room service if desired.

Best of all, glamping locations are available with expansive ocean views, merely steps away from the sparking clear-blue Pacific waters. Anyone who enjoys surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, or simply frolicking in the ocean will love this opportunity to live seaside while also maintaining access to five-star amenities.  For those less interested in ocean front views and watching fish swim by, glamping options are also available with spectacular volcano views or in a tropical rainforest.

Whether you prefer to sip coffee on the deck of an upscale mountain cabin, watch birds fly by, or peek out the door of your yurt to see the nighttime lava flows miles away, there is sure to be a Hawaiian glamping option for you.


Texas is a little-known American glamping destination that remains a best-kept secret for those aware of its treasures.  With thousands of kilometers of trails for mountain biking, hiking, and so much more, Texas is indeed a family-friendly glamping destination that holds something for everyone to enjoy.  From eco-cabins to luxury lake cottages, Texas is home to some of the most well-developed glamping infrastructure in the United States.

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One example is this luxury cabin with a peach orchard near Fredricksburg. Not only does it feature luxury furnishings and fresh-picked peaches with your breakfast, but it also includes a hot tub on the premises. A hot tub is a key feature to look for in any intended glamping destination, and a Myron conductivity meter can help you figure out if and when the hot tub water needs to be changed.  With a year-round temperate climate and premium features like hot tubs, Texas remains one of America’s true glamping destinations that can be enjoyed all year round.


When people think of Oregon, they think of many things. The state is known for its gorgeous mountains, hiking, friendly people, and good weather year-round.  What it is less known for, however, is glamping. As glamping increases in popularity, the state will become increasingly favored among those who appreciate both the great outdoors and a good night’s sleep followed by a hot shower and fresh breakfast in the morning.  Glamping in Oregon offers a variety of views and lodging to accommodate the discerning nature lover. These range from modern-style wooden cabins to canvas yurts to villas with multiple units that can be rented with full kitchen facilities available in addition to a catered option.

Two of the most well-known places in Oregon are Crater Lake and Mount Hood. For glampers, fortunately, there are facilities available within view and close proximity to both of these natural wonders. However, for people who want a view that is a little more off the beaten path, the Oregon coast boasts some of America’s most spectacular coastline, as well as fantastic glamping facilities with views and access to both the mountains and the ocean.


When one thinks of Alaska, one thinks wild, untamed, and free. To no one’s surprise, the state lives up to all these expectations and more.  However, one need not live uncomfortably just to get a taste of the beauty and expansiveness of America’s largest state. Rather, Alaska has some high-quality glamping facilities that suit the needs of families, newlyweds, and singles.

If you enjoy wildlife and the ocean, a cabin overlooking the ocean is right up your alley. You can look out and see whales breaching just beyond your doorstep as the waves crash into the shoreline.  Meanwhile, for anyone who prefers wildlife of a slightly more domesticated nature, why not settle into a cozy mountain resort cabin with five-star amenities and access to dogsledding tours and more?


California has been at the forefront of the American glamping scene since the term was initially coined.  Featuring long sandy beaches, unparalleled views of the ocean, and some of the most jaw-dropping sunsets on the continent, California glamping facilities are nothing short of delightful.

Thanks to the economic boom the state has enjoyed over the past two decades, the demand for glamping facilities — and thus their quality and quantity — have continued to grow.  A luxury yurt in the heart of California wine country featuring a hot tub and sauna facilities is just one example of the kind of surprising amenities that typical Californian “glampsites” have to offer.

Whether you glamp because staying in hotels in the city has become too dull, or because your poor back can no longer tolerate sleeping on a thin air mattress on the forest floor, glamping can truly bring the best of scenic nature to the most comfortable of hotel amenities.

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