Saying Congratulations to a Special one with Beautiful Flowers

Life is full of challenges and getting a good-paying job is one of them. That is why getting a good job is view as a great achievement. Besides that, there are also other life’s achievements that call for a celebration. Whether it’s a graduation, delivering a baby, and getting a job promotion, we need to celebrate with our loved once and friends. There are many congrats gifts to help the celebrant celebrate his or her achievement in style and one of them is sending congratulations flower bouquets and flower arrangements. But with so many flowers to pick from, how will you know which ones are proper for saying congratulations? Don’t worry; this article gives you six of the best congratulations flowers for that special person.


As a symbol of friendship, daisies are perfect congrats on new job flowers for a close friend or a colleague who was promoted at work, won a championship, or graduated from college. Gerbera daisies are the best congratulatory flowers because of their different colored blooms. White daisies are perfect flowers to say congratulations to new parents. Make it better by having a mixture of daisies and other flowers in one single bouquet. The beauty of order flowers from a reputable flower delivery is that they also offer congratulations images with flowers to help you express your admiration vividly. Daisies are perfect to show solidarity to the recipient.


Roses are what come to anyone’s mind when they think about flowers. They symbolize many things and their different hues make them elegant and vibrant. It’s a flower of royalty. They are usually related to love and romance. However, a rose is also used to congratulate someone who has made something out of their lives. For a mother with a newborn, pink roses are appropriate floral gifts to welcome them into motherhood because they represent tender love and rebirth. White roses represent innocence and purity, making them proper flowers to congratulate a grandaunt. 12 stems of roses symbolize a complete circle of love while 25 stems represent admiration and good cheer for the celebrant. To make it better, try mixing several hues in one bouquet to make the bouquet more blissful. You can order congratulations roses online as and have them delivered to your doorstep or the recipient same day.


Orchids are not so popular and this makes them unique congestion flowers. By giving out these flowers, it symbolizes how special the recipient is to you. You can give them to your wife or girlfriend during her graduation ceremony or a job promotion. No matter the occasion, you are bound to make a statement. They represent pride making them proper flowers for anyone who has just landed a new job. Whether it’s your brother, sister or any close relative, orchids will brighten their day and they will feel appreciated and loved. A gift basket compliments these flowers very well. Marriage is also seen as an accomplishment in life and therefore giving orchids to the newlyweds is also a nice gesture.


Change is inevitable, whether good or bad. In this case, someone has changed for the better, calling for a celebration. Let the lovely daffodils help you deliver a message of congratulations to a friend or loved one. Whenever we are going through difficulties we must brace ourselves for better days. The recipient has been working hard and has earned from his or her sweat. Help them organize a small party with daffodils being part of the decor. Daffodils make wonderful floral arrangements coupled with other kinds of flowers. Compliment your gift with a bottle of wine or champagne as you toast to the achievement made. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Welcome your new neighbors with a bouquet of daffodils as a housewarming present.

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Among the qualities that tulip flowers represent is fame. Not in terms of a celebrity or being prominent but being fortunate in everything that you do. For example, having good health is seen as being fortunate, providing for your family is also regarded as fortunate. When a friend is discharged from hospital after months or weeks of sickness, giving them a bouquet of tulips is congratulating them for winning the battle with the disease. Their vibrant colors bring is what brings an explosion of happiness to anyone laying eyes on them. The different color also symbolizes different emotions depending on the occasion and recipient. If you are giving red tulips, it has to be someone very dear to you like your girlfriend or wife. Is your brother graduating from college? Send him a mixed bouquet of every color tulip. This nice gesture will cheer him up. Order congratulations tulips at to get the best floral experience.


Carnations are known for their longevity and sturdiness. Their hues are also overwhelming with different shades of bright colors like red, pink and purple. They are perfect for any occasion including congratulations. Carnations represent unconditional love, deep love, innocence, admiration, and purity. In this case, you’ll need it for admiration of the celebrant. You will need the brightly colored carnations. For the new mother, the pink carnations will help you deliver your sentiments vividly.

Since time immemorial flowers have been used as gifts on many occasions. Their popularity is due to their symbolism from different color blooms. They are also quite affordable and anyone regardless of their financial status can buy them. They are also nature-friendly and don’t pollute the environment. With all these in mind, make a point of sending special congratulations flowers to that special friend or colleague who was promoted at work and who knows, the next time it may be you!

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