Saving Goals: Ways to Save Money on Your Water Consumption

Saving money on your water utility bill is not a new trend. Many people in the 1950s began their water-saving and money-saving goals by installing shower heads in their bathroom that give them a fresh bath without using too much water.

Today, the necessity to save water has become even more pressing because of many environmental concerns. According to environmental advocacy site established by journalists, scientists, and environmentalists, the world’s natural resources are dwindling by the day.

The chilling prediction is that by 2030, our natural supplies will be scarce enough that it will threaten health, economic development, and political stability. Therefore, it is our responsibility to save our planet and ourselves by conserving water. Here are the ways you can save in your water consumption.

Turn Off the Tap

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if you still use traditional faucets in your household, you are consuming about 2.2 gallons every minute. That tells us that forgetting to turn off your faucet will have a significant impact on the cost of your water consumption.

Thus, we must see to it that we turn off our faucet when we are not using it to conserve water and save money. It will also be an excellent idea to buy water-saving faucets that let you save water by 30 percent or more compared to traditional faucets.

Use Water-Saving Dishwashers

If you think that handwashing your greasy plates enables you to save money on your monthly water utility bill, think again. According to a study, using a hyper-efficient dishwasher can save you a lot of gallons of water compared to washing your dishes by your hands.

Therefore, you must invest in a water-saving dishwasher for you not only to conserve water and save the planet but also to save money.

It is Time to Upgrade Your Toilet

For you to save money on your water consumption, it is essential that you ditch your old toilet and replace it with a new one. Many experts say that using a water-saving toilet can help you save from $14 to $125 in a year. So, give your toilet an upgrade now!

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Wrap Your Water Heater

You must consider in taking a look at the water heater in your household if you have an expensive water utility bill. You must see to it that your water has an insulating blanket. It is because water heaters with no insulating blanket can give you a costly water utility bill every month.

You can find many affordable water heater blankets on the market today. If you wrap your water heater with a water blanket, you can save from 7 to 16 percent of your water heating cost. You can also replace your old water heater with a solar-powered one for practical and environmental purposes.

Minimize Your Shower Time

A traditional shower head can consume around 2.5 gallons every minute, while the bathtub in your bathroom can use around 36 gallons. It means that longer shower time will cost more money in your monthly water consumption.

For you to cut the cost of your expensive water utility bill, you must take steps in reducing your shower time. Or, you can buy modern shower heads that only consume a little amount of water. As such, you will not only save money, but you also save the planet.

Avoid Using Tap Water When Defrosting Food

Instead of using tap water to thaw your frozen food, use a microwave so that you will not anymore consume water for it. Also, do not use hot tap water to defrost your frozen because it can let the bacteria to grow in your food, endangering your health.

Put a Rainwater Tank in Your Home

Aside from the expensive cost of water nowadays, you should also be wary of water restrictions in times of drought. That is why installing rainwater tanks in your home is important because it enables you to be water-sufficient. Whatever the size of water tanks you install in your home, it will be a great step for you to save money and water. You can already save up to 100,000 liters of water per year if you have an average size of rainwater tank in your household.

Even a tank that can contain 9,00 liters can already give you water for car washing, flushing toilets, and doing your laundry. So in your water-saving goals, do not forget rainwater tanks in your options.


Yes, there are many ways that you can take to save water and money on your water consumption. You can take the steps mentioned above such using water-saving products for this purpose. You can look for water-efficient products like rainwater tanks in online sites like GStore.

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