Sailing to Hydra Island – The Diamond in the Saronic Gulf

When you want to go sailing in Greece, you will be ready to embrace nature at its fundamental best. Spending time on a yacht will bring out perhaps the best in you. You will experience those quiet moments that will get embedded in your memory where the sky and the sea will offer moments of sheer joy and beauty to you. Sailing is the best way you can go about exploring the Greek sea along with its coastal landscape.

When you finalise your yacht charter in Greece, make sure that you head south and explore the unique Hydra Island. The region of the Saronic Gulf spans over boundaries that are distinctly marked by three points – the Island of Hydra located in the south, the Corinth Canal that lies in the northwest and Cape Sounion which is situated in the eastern part. The southernmost coast of this Saronic Gulf is surrounded by high ranges of mountains and they go up to nine hundred metres.

You will need to take out one week to enjoy cruising in this Saronic Gulf. The yachting area is very well marked. You will observe that most destinations are easily visible on your departure when you charter a yacht in Greece. You need to be wary of the yachting traffic, however, as ferries leaving and entering various ports could cause considerable swell in the waterways. You will be able to reach the Saronic Gulf from any yachting satellite bases located in Athens or in Corfu. The best period for sailing in Greece is from May to October.

What is special about Hydra Island?

Hydra is one of Greek’s Saronic islands. It is situated in Aegean Sea between Argolic Gulf and Saronic Gulf. The island gets separated by narrow strips of water from Peloponnese. The island was formerly called Hydrea with its origin from Greek for `water’. It also gave reference to all the natural springs that exist on this unique island.

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Hydra Island could best be described as an architectural preserve. The special part about a sailing experience to this island is that you have to move around the place on small donkeys or with the help of sea taxis or on your foot. You will experience a feeling of a cosmopolitan island as soon as you arrive to port. You will be enchanted when you set foot on it. Hydra Town is its capital and the main harbour. It is a picturesque town, covered with houses of red tiles and narrow alleys which are paved by stones. You will carry plenty of colourful memories from here. You will not be able to forget the breathtaking views that you will see from Profitis Elias Monastery. You will find it hard to believe that you are able to take in such magical scenery and in close proximity to Athens, the heart of Greece. It is a very popular destination on summer weekends.

Hydra Town is built on a hilly slope around its port. Motor cycles and cars are banned for use on this island. Donkeys are the chief characteristics feature of this island. The beaches here are in actuality small coves with green surroundings and crystal clear waters. Some of the most beautiful beaches for you to explore on Hydra Island are the Kaminia, Agios and Bitsi.

You can begin your exploration by seeking out a yacht charter in Greece that offers you a sailing package to the Saronic Archipelago, especially the Hydra Island which is regarded as the diamond shining in the Saronic Gulf. This Archipelago is considered a prime yachting region in Greece. Restaurants run by families, sandy beaches and the warm hospitality of Greeks will make this sailing experience in Greece a memorable one for you and your family.

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