Sail Your Way Into the Holiday Season With a Royal Holiday Vacation Cruise

Planning a trip can be hard, especially if you’re someone who tends to get stressed easily. Between figuring out what to pack, where to stay, and how to budget out your trip, getting ready for a vacation can end up being a ton of work. When you book a cruise with Royal Holiday, you can leave your stress at the door. With tons of different exciting destinations to choose from and a full-service approach to pleasure and pampering, you’ll be able to spend your time enjoying your vacation instead of stressing out about it. From first-class meals to onboard entertainment, everything is taken care of on a Royal Holiday cruise vacation. And there’s nothing like heading to warmer waters once the holiday season comes around. If you’re looking for a stress-free way to vacation, look no further than these exotic cruise options from Royal Holiday travel.

See the Best of South America

When those cold winter winds start to blow, most of us start dreaming of warmer weather and sunnier days ahead. With a Royal Holiday cruise vacation, you don’t have to just dream about getting away. Taking a trip on one of Royal Holiday’s sumptuous South American cruises will give you all the sun and fun you’ve been yearning for this holiday season. From the beaches of Buenos Aires to the sunny shores of Santos, you’ll be whisked away on a romantic adventure through the coast of South America’s most beautiful beach towns and cities. Of course, the destination is only half the fun. While en route, you can relax and enjoy a Balinese massage, unwind in a Turkish bath, or sun yourself in the Solarium.

Bask in the Glory of the Bahamas

When it comes to sun-kissed adventures, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Bahamas. The gorgeous post of Half Moon Cay will open its arms to you with its inviting warm waters and sun-drenched beaches. Traveling with kids? You don’t have to worry about trying to keep the whole family entertained and invigorated every day: Leave that to the activities onboard Royal Holiday’s luxury cruise ship. You’ll be able to enjoy first-class entertainment on board every night while the kids hang out in Camp C, the specialized entertainment center for younger passengers on board. Whether you’re heading to the Bahamas with your family or flying solo, celebrating the holidays onboard a majestic Carnival ship will make your holiday season truly unforgettable.

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Plan a European Getaway

The idea of taking a European tour for the holiday season might feel like a dream come true for many travelers. There’s truly nothing like sailing through some of the most glamorous European capitals during the winter season to instill a sense of excitement and romance in a voyager. From the rich cultural center of Barcelona, Spain, to the Italian hotspots of Naples and Livorno, you’ll be able to experience the best that Europe has to offer while enjoying an incredible array of onboard delights, including nights at the theater and days spent relaxing in the jacuzzi.

Other great destinations offered by Royal Holiday Vacation Club and their resort guide such as Aruba, The United Kingdom, and Iceland to name just a few.

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