Rustic Design With a Touch of Luxury

When you think about choosing a rustic design for your room, you most likely think of reproducing the interior of a log cabin. Rustic design conjure up thoughts of homey, simple furniture and textile and you might think that there is no place for your high end, luxury items. However, it is still possible to include luxury elements into your room without ruining that rustic feel. This new trend in interior design is being dubbed ‘modern rustic’ or ‘rustic luxury’. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can add a touch of luxury to your rustic design concept.

Incorporating Luxury Fabrics

A great way to include some luxury in your rustic style room is through the use of luxurious fabrics. Choosing rustic furniture and then using luxury fabrics like velvet, silk and damask for soft furnishings creates a great combination of rustic and luxury. These fabrics can be incorporated in your window dressings, throw pillows, bedding and other soft furnishings. You might even consider upholstering the seat pads of dining room chairs in some plush velvet for a little touch of elegance in a rustic dining room.

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Disguise Your Modern Appliances

One of the things that often ruins a rustic design is modern appliances and electronics. In rooms such as the kitchen, this is not that difficult to deal with since you can have appliances hidden behind cabinet doors. However, in a lounge it can be a little more challenging. Opting to us a rustic luxury theme instead of a straight rustic one gives you a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to elements such as your television or music system. However, there are still some ways to disguise your technology if you prefer. A Television placed above your fireplace can look almost like a picture frame or mirror which will help it to blend in. Otherwise you can use an appropriately rustic cabinet to house your television so that it is in keeping with the room. You might find it useful to check out luxury interior design services online for some inspiration.

Give Luxury Elements a Rustic Twist

One feature of the modern rustic style that can be a lot of fun is figuring out how to take elements of design that would usually be considered more of a luxury element and then giving it a rustic twist. A great example of this would be creating a rustic chandelier. A really striking option is to have a chandelier made from antlers. This gives a truly rustic feel to your lighting, but with a little touch of luxury. If you are not keen on the idea of using real antlers, then you can opt to have your chandelier made from faux antlers instead.

As you can see, choosing a rustic theme for your home need not mean that you have to pass on the more luxurious elements. With a little bit of creativity it is easy to blend different styles together and get the best of both worlds. These are just a few ideas that will help you to create a rustic luxury feel in your home, but with a little research you are sure to come up with others. It is all about striking the right balance between rustic and something that little bit more oppulent.

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