Rose Quartz & Serenity Pantone Color in Your Home

When you decide to redecorate your house, one of the most important choices you must make is which color palette you will use. That decision is made easy to you by the world’s leading authority on colors – Pantone. For this year the professionals from Pantone have chosen twin colour of the year – Rose Quartz (warm pink) and Serenity (cool blue). And they could not have chosen better, especially for spring and summer. So, if you, like the rest of the world, are in love with these two amazing shades, we will give you a few ideas that will help you incorporate them into your home.

Put Some Colors on Your Walls

Yes, painting the walls is by far the simplest way of filling up your home with the spring loving twin shades. Here you have two options: painting the walls in one of the two and using the others for the furniture and accessories or painting two vis-à-vis walls in Rose Quartz and two in Serenity. The second option will work better if the furniture and the accessories in the room are neutral. You can also step up your wall décor game by hanging some pastel inspired pictures, painting murals or save yourself the trouble by adding classic patterned wallpapers, which will perfectly reflect the romantic and playful style of Pantone’s duo.


Magical Door

If you want your own beautiful entrance into the house, than use one of these two shades to make the magic happen. Try not to make it too bright, though, to avoid the Candyland-feel. You can also give the inside doors a splash of color, just keep in mind that this will only look well if your walls are painted in one of Pantone’s colors. Then, you can paint the doors into its twin and create a perfect combo. If you do that with vis-à-vis walls, the room might end up looking as an oversized ice-cream truck.

Replace What Can Be Replaced

Let us be honest, the trends are changing and at the very beginning of the next year Pantone will chose some different colors of the year, which you will want to include in your décor, and you cannot replace all the furniture in the house as soon as a new trend arises. So, replace some affordable items that can actually make a huge difference. Invest in new bed coverings, throw on pillows, tablecloths, curtains (translucent fabrics to enhance the natural calmness of Pantone’s twin colors), area rugs, etc.

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Accessorize the Space

Use accessories to create cohesiveness in the space and provoke a sense of harmony. See which color is prevailing in the room. If it is Serenity, then use Rose Quartz accessories and vice versa. Besides the colors, you should pay attention to the overall style of the room (if your room is decorated in Mediterranean style, you should not use modern accessories). The details through which you can bring in Pantone’s spring into your home are wall clocks, vases, photo frames, flower pots, etc.


Rose Quartz and Serenity are a do-it-yourself dream. Because of their vintage appeal they can look amazing on antique wooden pieces, and it does not even have to cost a lot. Just find some old rocking chair, armoire, coffee table, etc. on a local flea market, remove the old paint with sandpaper and then splash it with one of these two mesmerizing shades. You can even try decoupage on some accessories like jewelry box, vases, plates, coat hangers, flower pots, etc.

As you see, it is not hard to make your home Pantone-approved this year and amaze all your guests with your beautiful and trendy décor. Besides, Rose Quartz and Serenity will introduce a calm and pleasant atmosphere for all the family members to enjoy in.

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