Roads Towards a Healthy Workplace

When you’re a business owner always keep the following in mind: you are only as strong as your weakest link. A happy worker is a busy worker- that is always the case. If your employees are sick, tired and generally in bad shape it won’t be long until they start slacking off, missing work and then you’ll have to pick things up which will cause additional stress for you and for your other employees. The good thing is that you can do something about it! Aside from having better and more hardworking people, you should also have the well-being of your employees in mind for purely altruistic reasons- they will respect you more if they see that you care for them and think they are important.

Start from the Root of the Problem

Work on promoting a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, when you start working on your office use eco-friendly solutions- promoting preserving nature will send a good impression of both you and your company. When you hire employees, tell them about your healthy politics. Nobody will mind it, but take time to explain to them why it is important to you- they might just adopt the same way of thinking, and when you have an employee fostering and promoting the value to other employees, it will have an even bigger impact.


Show Them Why it’s Easy

People have a strange perception that eating healthy is is hard and expensive, but it’s actually not. If you calculate the costs of all the junk food you take in over a week and compare it to the cost of buying healthy food and making some quick and easy recipes you will be surprised with what you see. Make a kitchen in your office where there will regularly be different kinds of fruit, oatmeal, ingredients for smoothies and similar things, and you will see that people will make an effort to eat better. What you could also do is try to get a discount with a take-out company that makes healthy foods, or even fruit delivery services.

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Make Concrete Measures

A big part of staying healthy is actual physical exercise. The food you put in your body fuels it and working out will help you get that toned figure. Because we spend so much time in the office, it’s easy to become tired and to get our body used to being idle, sitting in the chair for hours and hours. It is actually bad for your body is you stay idle for more than 20 minutes, so try making the workplace as dynamic and interactive as possible. It would be ideal if you could install a modest gym and make it available and free for your employees to use.

If that isn’t possible, however, try getting a company discount for a gym and promote group workouts- this could be a good idea for motivation and team-building. In a recent conversation with reputed Sydney-based interior design professionals, I learned that it is also very important how you design and organize your office, because it needs to be a place where people will want to come and work. A good idea is to present balancing balls as options instead of chairs in the office- this way the body is constantly active and the work gets done either way.

Educate the Crew


Taking the time out once a month to hold a seminar about healthy lifestyle is something that every employer should do. Invite professionals to guest speak and teach your team about healthy choices in their diet and exercise. Another thing that would benefit this is having someone help them make up a weekly schedule and show them that it is possible to do it all, and the only thing needed is willpower.

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