Rent A Car & Explore The Local Sights

Thinking of interesting ways to spend your holidays? The week or two off from work doesn’t have to include an extravagant, all-inclusive trip down south or through Europe. You can have an adventure right here in your own backyard. As a resident, you already know the Delta region is an amazing place to live, but you can sometimes forget to open your eyes and really see all there is around you. This fall is the perfect opportunity to explore your neck of the woods by driving through the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Ready to put the kibosh on this trip because you’re worried your car isn’t up to the task. It’s true, any road trip can put undue strain on a vehicle, especially one that is already starting to make strange noises and vibrations. But don’t cancel your holidays just yet. A local rental car company stationed out of Tsawwassen like Delta Car Rentals has you covered. The top Tsawwassen rental car services provide you with cars up to the task of any road trip. Stick to those that have a long-lasting presence in your community, and you’ll know they’re offering the calibre of rental cars Tsawwassen residents like you trust. These businesses are usually backed by a professional team of representatives committed to providing the best experience possible.

Behind the wheel of a road-worthy vehicle and decked out with insurance, you’ll get anywhere you need to go — the Delta Peninsula, Vancouver, Point Roberts, or across the ferry to Vancouver Island. Some rental companies, like Delta, have convenient pick-ups and drop-offs at many of the ferry ports and the Victoria International, which means you’ll have no problem coordinating this tour of home with another holiday. Check out to see how easy it is to plan the rest of your vacation around your rental time.

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You may not fit the technical definition of tourist when you drive through your county, but you can totally transform your trip by shifting perspectives. Put on those tourist goggles and see how a visitor would see the area. You might just uncover some hidden gems even you weren’t aware of. There’s plenty of untouched wilderness and sophisticated culture to explore in both the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. And all you need to uncover them is a reliable vehicle from either a Tsawwassen or Victoria based rental service. And maybe a map, just to be safe!

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