Renovating Your Kitchen? 4 Unique Backsplash Designs to Consider

Tackling any kind of home kitchen renovation project can be a ball. If you want to remodel your residential kitchen and take it to the next level, you should think about backsplash installation. Backsplashes can make your kitchen less susceptible to unsightly staining. They introduce character to food preparation areas, too. If you want to invest in a one-of-a-kind backsplash, you should zero in on these impressive design approaches right away.

Classic Wood

You can get your hands on a kitchen backsplash that’s cozy by concentrating on wood. If you want your wall tile design to be especially memorable, wood may be the ideal material for you. Try beadboard for optimal effects. You can leave it alone for minimalism. You can even opt to paint it. Wood backsplashes can contribute to toasty and modest interior design vibes. They also look highly distinct.

Photo by Stambul LLC

Marble Slabs

If you want to establish a kitchen that’s simultaneously airy and memorable, then you should opt for a backsplash that’s composed of marble. Marble slab backsplashes can make your food preparation zone appear a lot more radiant and welcoming. If you want to take the focus away from your kitchen walls, then you should zero in on the marble slab backsplash route as soon as possible.

Photo by Peter Cadoux Architects, P.C.

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You don’t have to be okay with tiles that are the same old shapes. If you want your wall tiles to pop, then you should be on the lookout for triangular options. Tiles that are triangles can look fresh, futuristic, and cool all at the same time. People who are passionate about kitchens that are sleek, angular, streamlined, and chic frequently go for backsplash tiles that are notably triangular in form. These backsplashes are ideal for folks who are interested in design paths that are far from ordinary or predictable.

Photo by Normandy Remodeling

Shape Combinations

Don’t ever assume that you necessarily have to stick to single shapes in your kitchen backsplash design approach, either. If you want to mix things up and keep them interesting and unforgettable, you should think about shape combos. You may want to combine triangle and rectangle tiles if at all possible. Rectangular tiles are similar to their triangular counterparts in that they boast undeniably contemporary appearances.

Photo by Key Piece

A backsplash can do a lot for your precious food preparation space. A boring and drab one, however, won’t accomplish much. It’s crucial to prioritize kitchen backsplashes that are stylish and nowhere near dull.

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