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Remodeling on a Budget? Simple Updates That Can Change the Whole Room

If you would like to renovate at least one room in your home without breaking the budget, opt for inexpensive but impressive changes that will update appearance and functionality. Here are some ways you can make a single major but affordable improvement and several smaller changes to give each room a whole new look.


Without remodeling the entire bathroom, change out the tub and sink for a fresher style, especially if either is chipped or scuffed. If not, keep them and add a vibrant shower curtain with coordinating linens, bath mat, and window curtains. New faucets on a sink that is still in good condition can also be a noticeable enhancement. You might have enough left in your budget to buy a new bathroom sink countertop.

Photo by Janet Shea Interiors


Assuming your kitchen appliances, floor, and walls remain attractive and up-to-date, consider installing custom kitchen cabinets for a completely new look. Choose a wood and color design that works with your flooring and countertop. Have the cabinets made to fit precise spaces that could be reconfigured from your current cabinet placement. The new dimensions and locations can give you almost a brand-new kitchen.

Photo by Tyler Hogan Photography


You can easily renovate the bedroom by painting the walls, replacing the carpet, and updating the window coverings. Add a decorative chair with accent cushions as a focal point. Reorganize the bedroom furniture to get a totally new bedroom look, and install sconce lighting for ambiance.

Photo by Blue Copper Design

Living Room

New carpeting or area rugs will give your living room a fresh look. Coordinate with new furniture covers for the sofa and stuffed chairs. Consider installing new windows or window treatments if your current ones are showing signs of age. Create a foyer or update the one you have with new flooring and a wall mirror to make the space appear larger. Add a bench or cozy chair near the front door for guests to sit on while removing their boots or catching their breath.

Photo by Lace and Grace Interiors

Family Room

Window darkeners are a nice addition to the room where you watch movies or use the computer much of the time. Install new shelving for books, DVDs, CDs, and other entertainment media. Make the furniture more durable and comfy by adding attractive covers and plenty of pillows to relax with. A mini-fridge for snacks might come in handy.

Photo by House of Brazier

Whether you buy custom products, build your own, or purchase ready-made items to improve the look and use of a room, many improvements can be done cheaply and readily. Follow your home improvement budget to make changes that everyone will enjoy.

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