Relaxing Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Upgrading the bathroom is just as important as upgrading the master bedroom of your house. Of course, the bathroom is where we get a relaxed feeling. It is where we get dressed and make ourselves ready to show to the world.

So, why not make the bathroom a relaxed and soothing place with some creative ideas? Designing a bathroom may cost more than you think, so people often like renovating them with a few upgrades.

Renovating a bathroom is also a good thought if you have some creative ideas and a fair budget. Some of these ideas can be done by yourself at home, while others may require the help of a contractor, such as the BC Team. So whether you’re looking for a DIY project, or a large renovation, this blog has you covered.

Choose the Best Tiles

We’re not talking about floor tiles either. We mean wall surrounds, which are the tiles that line your shower, around your bath, and sometimes over the sink. Your contractor may show you several samples, but the tiles you choose depends on your preference. We personally recommend porcelain tiles due to their sleek look and smooth finish, which provides an overall relaxing look to the bathroom.

The color and patterns are important too. Cooler tones give the room a nice open space, but often look cold, while warmer tones and make a space feel too tight or too yellow. If you want a bold approach, we recommend contrasting the floor with the walls – a white tile with darker floors creates a dramatic look that needs to be seen to be believed.

For patterns, remember that less can be more. Too much going on can make a small room feel even smaller, so keep it simple.

Upgrade Your Showerhead

If you don’t want to add a bathtub in your bathroom, upgrade your showerhead! This is an easy project that anyone can take on too.

We all love taking long showers as they provide relaxation and take us into a stress-free world. So, why not make it more alluring by introducing a luxurious shower in the bathroom?

The common types of showers are handheld ones, waterfall showers, and high-pressure showers. The one you choose will depend on your preference.

But, don’t forget to choose the shower with an elegant design and multiple options!

Consider Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware includes the fixtures for sinks, toilet paper holders, tubs, showers, towel racks, and many more.

Bathroom hardware also plays a considerable role in upgrading your bathroom and adding a new look to it. Imagine this: your bathroom has all gold fixtures that just look dated. Swapping them out with stainless steel will give your bathroom an immediate timeless vibe without you putting in a lot of work.

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The best thing about the hardware is that you can either match it with everything else, or use it to create a fun pop of contrasting color. It is not necessary to match the fixtures with the tiles. Don’t be afraid to add some personality and have fun with it. Just make sure every similar piece of hardware matches (cabinet handles should all be the same, for instance).

The right bathroom contractor, which you’ll need if you’re doing a full blown renovation, will be able to help you pick styles and colors that match your bathroom’s theme.

Introduce Nature

While it may seem to be a crazy idea, introducing nature to your bathroom can give it a relaxing look, while cleaning the air and calming your mind.

We’re not asking you to make a whole flowerbed in the bathroom, of course. However, adding a few indoor plants can make a huge difference. Some plants are perfectly suited for indoors too and don’t require much maintenance or light, but be sure to keep the moisture level in mind! If this is an active bathroom with a shower, the plant will need to be able to thrive in a more humid environment.

Choose the gith plant and your bathroom will also get a graceful and calming vibe that feels as if you spent hours decorating in. In reality, all you need is a few minutes a week to tend to the plant!

If the bathroom is not large enough to accommodate plants, you can put money-plants on the wall or hang them in front of a window. It will upgrade the wall without wasting floorspace.

Let There Be Light

Adding lights to the bathroom also provides a serene look and calm feeling. Lights around the bathtub and above the mirror are the most common choices. If you want to spice it up, try installing lights behind the mirror to give you (and the room) a radiant glow.

You can add small dim lights around the bath area to provide an enchanting look too. You can also add a hanging light on the ceiling to give a glamorous look to the bathroom.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Zen Paradise

Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in any house, and they deserve to be renovated with creative ideas that match your personality and give off the relaxing feel you desire. Hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to turn your bathroom into your favorite room of your house.

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