Redesigning Your Home? Think About These Upgrades

If you’re looking to increase the price of your property or just turn your home into your personal paradise, house improvement projects are a definite must. But how to pick the right one from a range of home upgrade options out there? Depending on your budget, needs and preference, we have a list of convenient home improvement ideas for you to help you decide on the best ones to perform on your premises.

Colors of the wind: Fresh wall paint

One of the best places to start with when redesigning or upgrading your home is the barebones – your house walls. A highly efficient solution to up the market value of your property, a fresh wall paint number comes with a relatively affordable price tag whether you decide to carry it out it on your own or hire professionals to do the manual labor for you. For exterior walls, try soft yellow because recent research published in a book by Gerri Willis has shown houses in pale sunny tones sell faster and at higher prices. For the inner walls, a pastel tone like subtle peach or light blue can do wonders for your home atmosphere – or, go with all white for added sense of space and clean interior design.

Heat it up: Install a central heating system

Installing a central heating system is another good idea when considering cost-efficient home upgrades. An ideal way to keep all your rooms well-heated and optimally ventilated, central heating systems are relatively easy to install, but you’ll probably want to consult experts to do the work. When combined with other home climate utilities such as air-conditioning and ventilation, central heating can function as a convenient HVAC system that will add quite a few figures to your home value. Plus, in case you’re upgrading your home for your own sake, central heating will make sure your house stays as warm and as comfy as can be in spite of the changing seasons.

Your window into the world: Window replacements

Believe it or not, adequate windows may add quite a bit of cash love to your property value – most house buyers pay attention to even the fine details such as the quality of the panes and frames. Adding a fresh set of windows to your home requires minimal investments while adding a clean and comfy feel to your house, and in case you’re in on the DIY window installation knacks, you can even complete this improvement project without help from the experts.

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According to some data, installing aluminum-clad or insulated vinyl windows pays off by as many as 80-85 percent, or even more if you take into account the lower utility bills due to better thermal insulation. On another note, window replacement is a good project to bear in mind even if you have no idea of selling your home – new (or bigger) windows will add to your interior heating and keep your home temperature up in winter, so this is definitely one of useful upgrades to take into consideration when redesigning your house.

The fun outdoors: Build a patio or deck in your backyard

An improvement project that can considerably up your home’s market value, backyard patio or deck is rather simple and straightforward to build and it does not require extensive financial investments either.  A perfect spot for home owners to spend their summer afternoons, decks and patios offer an ideal transition from the inside of the house to the outside world, and in case you opt for natural wooden structures, you will also add a rustic, quaint sense to your backyard design. According to some recent data, a beautiful deck or patio pays off as many as 85 percent of the required investment and can increase the value of your home by as many as 25 percent, so don’t think twice before you get yourself some outdoor leisure space when upgrading your home next time.

Entertainment for all generations: A home theatre

One of the rooms you and your family will probably be spending most time in is the living area, which is why you’ll want to furnish it adequately. In addition to stylish furniture and accessories, a sophisticated home cinema is a must in every contemporary home so make sure you give it a thought when upgrading your home. Thanks to constantly evolving technologies, home cinemas now come at relatively affordable prices. There are many companies in Sydney which make the procedure of TV wall mounting rather easy, so you won’t have to worry about that. Also, a fine-looking home cinema system will be an appealing detail for your would-be house buyers so don’t hesitate to put it in before you go and advertise your precious property on the market.

From wall painting and central heating installation to home theatres, patio projects and window replacements, room for home improvement springs infinite – and the choice is only up to you to make – and make happen.

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