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Reasons Why Every Modern Office Needs A Good Coffee Machine

Imagine this: you wake up one morning, the alarm bell didn’t go off in time, and suddenly you find yourself late for work. You wash your face, brush your teeth, put some clothes on and you realize that you have to leave immediately. What’s your first thought? It probably isn’t ’I didn’t have time for breakfast’, or ’This shirt isn’t ironed’, but ’How on earth do I find an extra few minutes to get my wake up, morning coffee?’

In case you’re an avid coffee drinker and aficionado, we hope there’s some coffee in the office where you work at all times. If you ask us, every office in the world should have not only a coffee machine, but a good coffee machine, and for multiple reasons. In this article, we’re going to give you precisely this – reasons why each and every company, bureau, institution, ministry, or department should provide their employees with the best coffee it can.

It’s More Convenient to Have a Good Coffee Machine at the Office

Those days when you’re late for work suddenly won’t feel as tragic as they used to: with a good coffee machine, you won’t have to worry about skipping your wake up, morning coffee since there’s a good cup of Joe waiting for you at work. Choose a coffee machine from Troublecoffee. The days when you had to drink a brownish liquid only resembling coffee in taste are hopefully long gone – as they should be.

On top of this, once you get to work, you don’t have to go to a local coffee shop across the street each time you want to enjoy your favourite black, liquid delight. You just go to the nearest coffee machine (that presumably makes good coffee), and you’re all set.

You Can Get More Sleep (Or Extra Time for Some Other Activities You Enjoy)

Knowing that you can rely on your office coffee to be good each and every day gives you enough freedom to even get some more sleep. Once you realize that you don’t have to wake up earlier to brew your own batch for the day, things get a lot less complicated and stressful. As a result, you’ll feel even more energized and well-rested.

Use those extra 15-30 minutes a day for something else than trying to prepare the perfect coffee that’s going to taste the same every morning. Instead, you can do some yoga/ stretching, or some other form of exercising that’s going to prepare you for the long day.

With a Good Coffee Machine, Coffee Always Tastes Great

A good coffee machine that produces the same coffee each time you use it is essential for every coffee drinker and connoisseur. You simply know that it’s not satisfactory enough to just sip whatever gets in your mug and vaguely resembles coffee. You like your favourite liquid a certain way and you expect it to be like that every time you use the machine.

That’s why it’s paramount to always have good coffee at work, no matter when or how you use the machine. It’s not your job to worry about what kind of water is in the tank, and if you’ve put more coffee than you should have this time. You can relax and enjoy your coffee break, knowing that you’ll get the same tasting coffee each time you pay a visit to the break room (where the coffee machine is located in most cases).

Coffee Boosts Both Productivity and Creativity

Another good reason why you should invest in a good coffee machine is a proven productivity and creativity boost the employees will get while enjoying a nicely brewed coffee throughout the day. There are numerous studies that indicate just how good caffeine actually is for an increase in productivity and creativity in workers.

This only shows that there’s a great ROI (return on investment) here: if you provide your employees with good, freshly brewed coffee, they’ll have more (good) ideas, they’ll solve their work-related problems better and quicker, and they’ll also find other ways to contribute to the betterment of the company. When you think about it, you’re not really throwing any money away here, but you’re actually investing your money wisely.

Employees Will Feel More Energized

On top of being more productive and creative, the employees will also feel more energized throughout the day. Imagine having to go through some challenging tasks every day, without having the luxury to drink a nice cup of coffee any time you like. You start to feel sluggish. Your brain feels slow, your body gets tired quickly, and you crave for some energy to finish that project that’s already passed its deadline.

Now imagine having to work like this every day. Soon you’d have people bumping into each other, barely walking and talking, and using every atom of energy left to try to stay awake. Luckily, this dystopian, nightmarish scenario can be easily prevented. And sometimes all you need is a cup of good ol’ java that we all crave from time to time.

Coffee Can Reduce Sleep-deprived Stress

In today’s day and age, we simply don’t have enough time to sleep a solid 7-8 hours every night (even if we don’t have to make our coffee in the morning, and can rely on one at our office!). Fortunately, some studies and recent research has shown that coffee can also help combat and alleviate some of the problems that occur in individuals who are suffering from sleep-deprived stress. This is great news for those who suffer from these problems, even though our advice would be to talk to professionals in case you’re having a more severe sleep disorder and problems.

Increased Metabolic Activity Can Help You Stay Trim

Not only can coffee help people deal with this sleep-deprived stress, but it can also increase your metabolic activity. This means that coffee can be regarded as helpful in keeping you trim. Of course, this doesn’t mean that coffee is some kind of magic potion that burns away the fat with every sip you take, but it simply means that caffeine positively impacts a person’s metabolic activity.

If you’re serious about losing weight or trimming down some fat, we would recommend you to eat healthier, find a good exercise routine or plan and stick to it. Coffee comes here as a pure bonus for your hard work, helping you burn fat at a higher rate. As a direct result of all of this, you can expect both the mind and the body to feel better, sharper, more nimble and ready for any work-related, or personal challenges you might face.

A Good Cup of Coffee Bonds People (Which Is Great for the Business)

Another great benefit of having good coffee at work is that it bonds people and makes them connected in a way that very few things in this world can. Employees meeting at the water cooler will be a thing of past if you add a nice coffee machine to your office.


Our advice would be to dedicate an entire break room just for this employee bonding experience. You can benefit from this greatly because a group of people working together as a team and being close to each other will always outperform the group of individuals who are not working as closely or as tightly together.

It’s an Essential Brainstorming Tool

Have you ever been to a brainstorming meeting where no one drinks coffee? Probably no one has, and there are few good reasons for that. As we’ve already mentioned, coffee boosts creativity and productivity, brings people together, alleviates stress, etc.

All of this means that coffee presents a powerful tool when big or small corporate decisions are being made. Any future project or a general direction of the firm depends on the levels of concentration and energy that people involved have on that particular day. That’s why you simply can’t afford to serve bad or mediocre coffee at your workplace. It may sound trivial and unimportant, but if you’re serious about your business, you’ll make sure every bit of detail is under control. And arguably, coffee plays a huge role in all of these instances.

People Learn Faster With Coffee

Yet another benefit of drinking coffee is that people actually tend to learn faster while they drink coffee. There’s a study that shows just how caffeine improves left hemisphere processing of positive words. Around 200 milligrams of caffeine is enough to prod the brain, resulting in better and quicker identification of the words and phrases. This comes at handy not only for students and pupils but for anyone whose job involves learning new things every day.

Drinking coffee can also lead to an improvement in short-term memory, and a person’s ability to solve some of the more complex, reason-based problems. This is all connected to the fact that coffee helps you stay more alert, and refuels you in the mornings, evenings, and afternoons the same way. And this is one of the reasons why coffee is still considered to be an essential nutritional item in almost every corner of the world.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we wanted to talk about some of the reasons why every modern office simply needs a good coffee machine. If you’re a company’s leader or a manager, you want your employees to have a luxury of drinking great coffee not only in the morning but throughout an entire day. But this is not only important for them to feel better, get more productive, creative, alert, more energized, but it’s also good for the company. Employees who enjoy a good coffee at work tend to perform better than the people who work in the offices which serve mediocre or subpar coffee.

So, having a good coffee machine in the company’s office or a break room can mean a huge difference for all the reasons we’ve mentioned above: a nicely brewed cup of coffee at the office can provide the employees some extra sleeping time, make them feel more energized, helps them combat stress caused by sleep deprivation, can bond them together, help them brainstorm and learn better, etc. Just remember that all these things benefit your company immensely, and you’ll soon start to look at your coffee machine as one of your best investments and most powerful assets.

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