Reasons To opt For Tree Removal Services

Trees are beautiful and intrinsic part of the environment. It is needlessly to list the numerous ways in which they are helpful to us. We all are aware of the increasing concern about Global Warming that is creating a havoc to the environment. It has been suggested by the WHO to plant more trees to cut this menace. People who are passionate about gardening love to plant new saplings very often because they love the sight of the tiny saplings growing up into a tree and protecting the environment and its inhabitants. However, there are times when some trees need to be removed. This blog lists the circumstances and reasons for tree removal.

Tree removal becomes mandatory when there are the following kinds of trees in your surroundings:

  • Dead Trees: Once a tree dies you cannot rejuvenate it anyhow. There is nothing else that you can do than to take it down. Tree removal is necessary in such a case because a dead tree will slowly lose strength. A dead tree can cause extensive damage to nearby houses, cars, or even people if it falls due to weather extremities.

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  • Diseased Trees: Trees often die due to some diseases. Sometimes you may not know that a tree has been infected until irreversible damage has already occurred. There are some diseases like acute oak decline, chalara dieback of ash, sweet chestnut blight, dothistroma needle blight of pine, etc. that badly affect trees and eventually leads to their death. A major reason for tree removal is the elimination of such trees to prevent the spread of these diseases to other healthy trees.
  • Damaged Trees: There are times when unfortunately, healthy trees are subjected to or encounter major damages. Trees get damaged due to extreme weather conditions, like flash and lightning. Severe storms also uproot trees and cause severe damage. Trees are often mortally injured by a lightning strike. Tree removal is the only option left in such a case. There is no point or wisdom in leaving a damaged tree in your surroundings. Leaving a damaged tree may lead to other hassles.

  • Encroaching Trees: There are times when trees trespass into your buildings. Often the stems of surrounding plants can intrude and encroach upon your space. At times they may also obstruct a nice view outside your balcony or window. Encroaching trees can also disrupt cable and electrical lines. Tree removal is the only option in these cases. At times the leaves of certain trees fall into your pool and cause dirt. In such a case you may consider removing that tree to keep your pool beautiful.
  • Disturbing and Unwanted Trees: Trees that suddenly grow out of nowhere and in absurd places are annoying. There are certain plants that grow in garbage areas. For such trees, the only option is to remove or uproot them. In this regard, we can say that not all trees are good for the environment. They must be removed because they are of no use.

  • Preventive Removal: There are times when you must remove a tree whose branches may be dangerously hanging in between a road and may hurt pedestrians. This method is known as preventive removal. It is done to ensure the safety of the surroundings.
  • For construction purposes: While making a new building, if a tree is situated in the construction site, its removal gets mandatory. Construction in urban areas is a major reason for tree removal.

There are certain specialized agencies who have experts for the process of tree removal. It is always a wise idea to hire them for removing unwanted trees from your surroundings. They have certain tools that are required for a clean process. If you try to do it yourself, you may not achieve perfectly satisfactory results.

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