Reasons Why Microcement is Ideal For Home Flooring and Walls

Microcement, which is also referred to as micro-concrete or micro-seed is a cement-based polymer modified coating that may be thinly applied to floors, walls and stairs in residential and commercial properties. It allows designers to create a concrete aesthetic at a lower cost compared to conventional cement. The following are the things you need to know about microcement and how it can enhance the appearance of your workplace or home.

What are benefits of micro-concrete?

Microcement has a strong bonding power. Therefore, it can be applied to many different kinds of surfaces including tiles, wood, and existing concrete flooring surfaces. This material is popular with interior designers, business owners and homeowners. Microcement is excellent for property owners who wish of achieve a seamless floor finish, which is grout-free and aligns with modernist and contemporary trends.

Micro-seed is a great option for living areas, kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms because you can completely customize it in terms of tone, color and finish. Microcement also lends itself well to practicality and functionality due to its hypoallergenic and hygienic properties. It creates a stain-free and clean surface environment. Besides, clients can enjoy the anti-slip properties that make this material suitable in areas where the elderly and children will visit often and areas exposed to high traffic loads.

The other reason why you should opt for microcement flooring is that you will have the opportunity to select your desired color tone and finished design of your flooring system prior to installment. This way, there are will be no unexpected design disappointments that usually occur when polished concrete is installed. The reputed manufacturers of microcement products such as CARRcrete microcement seek to develop fine quality products through design and thorough testing in real world environments. Therefore, the products are aesthetically appealing and durable.

This flooring material is also flexible, meaning that it is less susceptible to cracking even when installed on elastic mortar layers. This means that if you opt to use this material for floors, you will have a durable and a hard wearing flooring system. Using microcement flooring is also beneficial in that you will not experience problem if you happen to think of redecorating or renovating your living area.

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This kind of flooring is highly versatile, which means that you are open to make changes whether it is changing the color, design finish or tone of your flooring system. Note that you can install almost any kind of flooring system on top of the microcement flooring if you feel that the existing microcement flooring is not in line with the current trends of latest interior designs.

The other benefits of installing micro cement flooring include:

  • No compaction is needed. Therefore there is no need to use heavy machinery.
  • Low permeability meaning that it is ideal for use in the outside, in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Strong almost immediately after being applied.
  • Bonds well to almost all surfaces.
  • The material does not shrink, meaning that there will be no folds or cracks.
  • Chloride free, which means that it is safe and durable flooring option.

How is Microcement Used?

Microcement flooring has been used for several applications both commercial and residential. It can be used in kitchen shelves and surfaces because it offers a seamless, contemporary and durable finish. The flooring is durable and it can therefore be applied externally and internally. It can also be used in splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms because of its waterproof quality. In general, it can be used in walls and floors anywhere.

What can one achieve with microconrete?

Micro-concrete offers the feel and appearance of concrete at a lower cost and weight of real concrete. It is a great material to use on the walls of floors of your bathroom, kitchen or living room. This material is mold resistant and anti-slip, making it the ideal choice for floor surfaces inside and outside your property. Microcement is versatile and can be used o cover a wide range f surfaces. It is possible to achieve several textural finished when using this material. Microcement is popularly used as a repair material of the non shrinking type. It is ideal for repairing reinforced concrete elements such as walls, columns and beams.

What are the best reasons for using microcement?

  • Prepackaged mix – Microcement comes in a convenient one component and prepackaged mix, making it easier to use and lay. Since the mix is prepackaged, you may apply it by hand. Therefore, it is not necessary to have professional tools. For this reason, the quality of the finished surface is consistent an enhanced. Furthermore, when the need for onside concrete mixing is eliminated, human mistakes are prevented. This makes microcement an easy surface option for almost all environments where a faux concrete finish is desired. Microcement is also ideal for property owners with limited concrete laying skills and space.
  • Reduced water needs – Initially, microcement was developed to minimize water usage in comparison to conventional concrete. Due to the ease of use and the ability of microcement to adhere to other materials, it becomes the right product to use when repairing ageing or cracked concrete structures. Furthermore, no pumping is required and this reduces the need to use heavy equipment. This helps minimize application expenses and makes a huge difference when working in areas where space is limited.
  • Fast drying – Micro Concrete is also ideal because it dries fast. This provides designers and property owners who want to redecorate their houses with a surface option that does not cause a lot of disruption. Actually, microcement dries fast enough for the covered surface to be functional within a day. Due to the fast drying time, the resultant surface will be consistent in quality. Since microcement dries very fast, it is possible to apply it one day and the surface to be ready for use the next day. This material is therefore a great choice if you are planning to get done with a home renovation project fast. Microcement is also easy to apply and it appears professional.
  • Attractiveness – Microcement is a beautiful material. It can have a rugged look or polished concrete looking finish based on the preferences of a property owner. Its thickness does not exceed three millimeters and it comes in an extensive color range, making it perfect for both commercial and residential use.


Microcement is an excellent material for walls and floors. It is long lasting, crack free and waterproof when applied in the right manner. Microcement also offers value for money. It is highly likely that this material will continue becoming popular with design professionals. Therefore, consider using microcement in your next design project.

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