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Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Flat Pack Home

Flat pack design homes, just like modular, pre-fabricated or kit homes, are based on the same concept. Invented more than five decades ago, the homes were first built in the 1960s and are popular in Europe, especially Sweden. The widespread housing shortage in the UK after World War II led to increased popularity of these homes.

The prefabricated homes in the UK at the end of WWII were inefficient and cramped, explaining the increased popularity of flat pack design homes. Today, the homes are still in use and popular among homeowners. Here are four reasons to consider purchasing a flat pack house:

Top 7 Reasons to Purchase Flat Pack Homes


With increasing greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of the ozone layer due to environmental pollution, there’s need for green measures to protect the environment. Flat pack houses are made from timber, making them sustainable and eco-friendly.

Energy Efficiency

Flat pack houses are energy-efficient. They are built as air tight homes to help keep indoor spaces warm during winter. This helps minimize the need to use air conditioners and heaters to keep homes warm during the cold season. The homes don’t just save energy, but also related costs.


Flat pack design houses are among the most affordable type of homes on the market. They are easy to build and take only a few weeks to construct. Unlike other types of homes, they cost about 10-25% less in terms of construction and buying prices. Therefore, these types of homes are perfect for first-time buyers or homeowners.

Stylish & Attractive

There are so many flat pack designs, hence homes. Whether you’re into modern, sleek spaces; minimalist designs; contemporary styles; or prefer a traditional look in your home, flat pack houses have your needs taken care of. Moreover, you can choose your home in your favorite color as the design supports a variety of colors.

Little to No Stamp Duty Fees

Since flat design homes are affordable, they’re likely to cost you less than $60,000 or more depending on your budget and what you really want in your home, among other factors. If a flat pack house is valued at less than $60,000, no stamp duty is charged on your property.

However, if it ranges from $60,000 to $250,000, expect a 1% stamp duty on your property value. On the other hand, homes worth more than $500,001 attract a 4% stamp duty fee. Even so, the stamp duty fees on this type of homes are relatively low. This can also explain why flat pack design houses are affordable.

Compact & Versatile

The designs of flat pack houses are generally compact, meaning they can be built on almost any land. People with small parcels of land can still have their dream homes without spending more on extra land.

Easy to Assemble

Flat pack houses are often built in factories and delivered in parts for easy assembly. They come with instructions on proper installation.

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