Real vs Artificial Christmas Trees: Great Christmas Debate!

Every year we are faced with the question of where to get our Christmas tree because it should not be missing for Christmas. Order from a retailer around the corner, at a large DIY store, or directly on the Internet? Only you can answer for yourself these difficult questions.

Christmas trees: Real or artificial?

However, many also ask themselves: Is this artificial? Which Christmas tree variant is better depends on several factors. A general answer would be premature. For some, authenticity plays the most critical role. Here it is out of the question whether a plastic tree is set up. Only real nature is allowed in the living room. The problem: Real Christmas trees are no longer grown, as they were 100 years ago. Entire plantations are created to make as much profit as possible. Chemicals are used; there are high transport costs and CO2 emissions. None of this sounds so green. According to estimates, the turnover of this industry amounts to more than 700 million euros. Christmas as a special season is then nothing more than an environmentally damaging sale of Christmas trees. Who wants Christmas to be more commercialized than it is anyway?

How can you cut the Christmas tree yourself?

What would be an alternative? Well, it is usually not allowed to cut the Christmas tree itself, and for most people, it is not possible anyway – unless they want to look for a Christmas tree in the wilderness like the Griswolds. In the end, a squirrel looks out of the tree crown. No, seriously: forest guidelines and municipal fire protection often prevent such adventures. It is only permitted in a few forests in Germany. Information can be obtained from the forestry offices. If necessary, one can turn to the Christmas tree salesmen, who offer it to their customers to strike the Christmas trees themselves. It has nothing more to do with self-awareness in the wilderness but can be planned as a family outing – a beautiful thing to do.

High-quality artificial Christmas trees

If you want to save effort, time, and money, look around for another alternative and get info on pages like It means the online purchase of artificial Christmas trees that are equipped with as many branches as possible. High-quality artificial firs convince with a look that looks similar to the other. The Christmas tree from the plantation sometimes looks very unhappy when it stands next to its copy. Excellent and high-quality plastic Christmas trees are harmless in many respects: they do not use needles, do not smell of essential oils, and are reusable. The best thing is: the longer they use the plastic Christmas tree, the better the Eco balance compared to a real plantation Christmas tree.

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The ecological balance of real and artificial Christmas trees in comparison.

Many green people can breathe a sigh of relief now because of some reasons.In fact, the eco-balance of real Christmas trees is better than that of artificial trees. The tree roots of the trees prevent soil erosion, provide a lot of oxygen during the years they grow, and provide a habitat for wildlife. Besides, 93 percent of Christmas trees are recycled later. They are biodegradable and do not have to be transported far because they are mainly grown in Germany and other north European countries.

Artificial trees are made of plastic, are partly harmful to health, and have to be transported over long distances. About 900 liters of fuel are used to carry an artificial tree from China to Germany. Artificial trees are not recyclable, which is why disposed trees end up in landfills. There it takes several hundred years for them to decompose completely. Alternatively, they can be incinerated. However, this releases carcinogenic substances.

Although artificial firs can be used for several years, in Germany they are only used for an average of six years before they are replaced. A study by Ellipsos in 2009 showed that the eco-balance of a real, two-meter-high Christmas tree is 60 percent better than that of an artificial Christmas tree that is disposed of after six years.


Who would like to set up a Christmas tree, is with a genuine Christmas tree better advised. It preserves the tradition, brings a great flair into the Christmas decorated apartment, and spreads a pleasant scent. Besides, it does not cause allergies and is unique every year.

A real Christmas tree has a better eco-balance than an artificial Christmas tree, which is made in China and consists of partly harmful plastic. Even environmentally friendly people can, therefore, decide with a clear conscience in favor of a natural Christmas tree.

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